Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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UB And 21st Century Fashion Gaga 

By Basil K. Mbuye

The 21st Century fashion has sent the young women berserk. As it is said, a university is a reflection of its society. University of Buea is a showroom of this fashion razzmatazz. These young women dress in mini skirts that are almost exposing their under garments.

Some put on jeans trousers with their crack exposed. This is what is commonly known in the students’ residential areas as Otto Pfister (former indomitable Lions coach). Some dressed in trousers known as “bobaraba”. “Bobaraba” trousers are tight-fitting at the shin and are loose-fitting at the laps. It was first worn by the Congolese music star Koffi Olomide and his dancers in one of his clips.

For the mini skirts, the varsity girls put on tight-fitting skirts that end just below the buttocks-line, leaving the laps exposed and hardly concealing their under garments. When asked why they dressed like this, they retort: “Why should I hide my legs when they are nice; I am proud of my legs; I am feeling free.”

A taxi driver cruising from Molyko to Mile 17, almost crashed the car when he saw the under garment of a varsity girl walking on the street exposed as a result of the wind blowing the light mini skirt.

“Did you see how the wind exposed her pant?” the driver rhetorically asked passengers and looking back at the girl, “You people are back again,” he cried. When one moves around Molyko, one hears men saying: “Oh, what a guitar-like shape, look at her buttocks, look at those slender legs, what a shape.” This are all what men like to see on girls and these girls are dressing to portray it.

The tops they put on are also tight-fitting with their breasts half exposed. They deliberately put on undersize braziers that help to prop up their breasts for anyone to see. According to them, men easily fall when they see their breasts. Some of them will say: “Bobby win World Cup” – whatever that means.

These girls dress like this to the university lecture halls. When the exams are around the corner, they would try to use their manner of dressing to entice lecturers to give them exam questions and also marks. Some lecturers fall for these, while others, like Joseph in the Bible, do not succumb. Most often, when they fell to get the marks through this means, they run to the market place with the tale that the lecturer asked them out and they refused, that is why they failed his course.

The coming of freshmen is a threat to the sophomores as most boys will prefer the fresher girls, since they are easy to cajole, not too demanding and not given to trying clever tricks. Relationships are thus ruptured since boys are now interested only in the new comers. As a result of this, the sophomores stick to their boy friends and even threaten the ‘freshwomen’ when they suspect them.

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