Monday, October 19, 2020
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UBa Students Hail Biya For Providing Laptops 

By Chris Mbunwe

Scores of post graduate students from the University of Bamenda, UBa, on Wednesday August 3, gathered in front of the UBa Chancellery, chanting praise songs, to President Paul Biya for providing 500,000 computers to university students in Cameroon.

Messages on placards read: “Mr President, thank you, you are truly the Father of an android generation, Father of the Digital era.” “Laptops are a move towards quality education in Cameroon.” “With Laptops, quality research is enhanced.” “Laptops will transform our digital economy.”

In a letter of appreciation to President, via Northwest Governor and Vice Chancellor of UBa, the representative of the Post Graduate Students, Christian Musah Pagbe, said the 500,000 laptops are timely on several accounts; they will accelerate Biya’s ambition of transforming Cameroon into an Emerging Nation by 2035.

Laptops will serve as research instruments, modernise teaching-learning process, rendering it more interactive and student focused; which is in line with the tenets of the Bachelors Masters Programme, BMP System, which is en-vogue the world over.

The students’ representative recalled that over the past years, Biya offered the multitude of students in Cameroon universities “Special Excellence Award,” which for all intents and purposes, have gone a long way to subsidise their studies and assist them in their research.

“The provision of laptops,” the letter continues, “has without doubt, demonstrated your commitment to modernise our educational system and equip the youths towards the realisation of vision 2035.” “On this strength, we sincerely thank you for this exceptional gesture and encourage you to continue in your modernisation drive of Higher Education in Cameroon,” concludes the letter.

In response, Northwest Governor, Adolph Lele L’Afrique, said the students have demonstrated that they are not ingrates and as such, it is now the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Therese Akenji Nkuo, to ensure that the computers are effectively received on campus.