Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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UBSU Gets New Executive 

Following the elections that took place on the UB campus, Friday, January 6, Paul Shipu, final year student of the Political Science and list leader of the Red Party is now the new UBSU President. He trounced his opponent, Peter Enow, erstwhile UBSU Vice President in charge of Economic Affairs and list leader of the Yellow Party by 2133 votes as against 1175 votes.

In their manifestos, the Red Party with its popular slogan, "Change Can’t Wait," advocated the amendment of the union’s constitution, proper financial management and special considerations to disabled students. Their contenders, the Yellow Party, promised to ensure the implementation of scaled down hostel rents as well as defending the rights of students, amongst others.

The campaign was launched on January 27, and it lasted for two weeks, with each party trying to woo many students into their camp.The Post gathered that this year’s UBSU elections took place against a background of animosity, backstabbing and resentful propaganda, by both parties. 

One of the parties accused the administration of bankrolling the campaigns of their adversary while a counter accusation was that the list leader of a particular party was not eligible for the elections because his GPA was below average.

Other allegations were to the effect that ambulant voters used fake Form Bs to vote numerous times. This notwithstanding, most of the students who took part in the elections expressed satisfaction at the conduct of the elections, given that it was supervised by lecturers.

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