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UK-Based Magistrate Admitted In Cameroon Bar 

By Edith Lukong
— Barrister Paul Chiy, who has been working as a magistrate for over six years in the United Kingdom, has been admitted into the Cameroon Bar Council.

Barrister Chiy taking oath

He was sworn-in on Wednesday, April 4, at the Appeal Court in Yaounde. During the oath-taking ceremony, the President of the Bar Council, Daniel Bissou, said the oath was one of the conditions recognising Dr. Chiy locally. He said although Chiy has been practicing in the UK for over six years, he didn’t have the right to work in Cameroon as a magistrate.   

The Procurer General, Ndzana Nkollo, said the swearing-in helps to provide commitment towards a good practice reason why oath taking is fundamental. He cautioned the oath taker to respect the rules and regulations of the profession and to desist from irresponsible acts.

The President of the court, Edith Ngo Ndjang, said following the law, Dr. Chiy qualified as he fulfilled all the conditions for direct admission into the Bar. Some of these conditions, she pointed out, are the need to have been called to a foreign bar, having a first degree in law, having a certificate of good standing with no criminal records, being a Cameroonian, have paid dues and being a barrister.

After the swearing-in, Barrister Chiy said: “I didn’t have the legal jurisdiction to practice in Cameroon. Being a member of the Cameroon Bar gives me the right to audience in Cameroon as a barrister. I can now go to any court in the country as an advocate to support and defend people”.

He said it was important for him to come back and share actively in building Cameroon. “I have contributed in several countries in Europe, America and Africa. It is now time for me to share in building Cameroon”. 

Before his admission into the BAR Council, Dr. Chiy was a barrister, solicitor and advocate of civil and criminal issues of England and Wales. He had ten years as an academia in the Universities of Cambridge and Wales as well as in Selwyn and Wolfson colleges. He has published a book and over 30 publications in reputed scientific journals. He has a PhD in Clinical Veterinary Medicine, LLM in ICTs and in Law. He hails from Esu in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01334


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