Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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UN Workshop Coordinator Detained At Gendarmerie Headquarters 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Prof. Martin Chia Ateh, who was coordinating a United Nations, UN, information workshop in Bamenda last week, is currently being detained at the Gendarmerie Headquarters in Yaounde with three other persons.

Chia Ateh, who is a vocal activist of the Anglophone struggle, The Post learnt, was arrested in Bamenda on February 17.

Police also picked up Chief Joseph Kwato, Raymond Yoh and Francis Neba who were with Chia Ateh.

Ateh is said to have been briefing the trio on the UN information workshop that was slated to take place in Bamenda on Monday, February 20.

Before police made the arrest at Devil’s Street in Bamenda, Ateh was reportedly briefing the trio on the reaction of the International Telecommunication Union on the internet in the Northwest Region.

Although the detainees are said to have been interrogated on dealings with the UN, no charges have been leveled against them.

Meanwhile, another prominent figure who is being detained in connection with Government’s crackdown on Anglophone activists, Hon. Paul Ayah, has once more rejected interrogation by any judicial officer lower than him in rank.

He is reported to have rejected an attempt by the Prosecutor at the Yaounde Military Tribunal to question him and asked to be taken to the hospital because of his continuous failing health.

Since Justice Ayah, a super-scale magistrate at the Supreme Court, was arrested and detained at the Gendarmerie a month ago, he is yet to be charged with committing any crime.

He is said to be suffering from acute sight and cardiac problems.