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Uncertainty Grips Littoral SDF Ahead of NEC Confab 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Hon Nintcheu and supporters

Hon Nintcheu and supporters

As Hounorable Jean Michel Nintcheu defends his October 16 victory, SDF militants in Littoral are anxiously waiting for the position of the National Executive Committee NEC, of the party on the elections.

NEC is expected to deliberate in the coming weeks to either validate or reject the decision of its team at the Elective Regional Conference.

The executive organ was earlier scheduled to meet on Saturday October 29. Sources at NEC, however, say the meeting will hold before next parliamentary session in November.

On Election Day, the NEC team proclaimed Nintcheu winner when the three other candidates: John Ndangle Kumase, Celestin Djamen and Abel Elimbi Lobe and their supporters were outside the hall protesting against his candidature.

The trio based their protest on the interpretation of Section 18.8 of the SDF Constitution that NEC applied on July 30 to dissolve the former Bureau .

According to Nintcheu, John Kumase, Djamen and Abel Elimbi knew that they could not win the election, and so tried to block it.

“They ran away from the election because they knew I would beat them. Djamen and Elibi do not have any support.

The only candidate I know has some support is Kumase. He is a District Chairman himself, and also has the support of a few Electoral Districts. But it is clear that Kumase cannot beat me in the election.

I have the support of the majority of Electoral Districts in the region,” Nintcheu boasted.
Nintcheu noted that the majority of the Electoral Districts in Douala do not support him.

“It is true that three of the five Electoral Districts in Douala and the Wouri Coordination are with my opponent (Kumase).

But we are talking about Regional election. I received as many as 208 of the delegates who came from outside Douala for the October 16 election who all assured me of their votes.

So if the three candidates did not run away from the election, I would have crushed them at the polls,” Nintcheu told The Post.

Reacting to Kumase’s demand that the NEC team should, in the face of the disagreement, refer the matter to NEC as per Article 24 of the party’s Constitution, Nintcheu sustained that a team designated by NEC is NEC.

He said his opponents were ignorant of the SDF Constitution.

Regarding his election by acclamation, Nintcheu noted that even at the Elective National Convention of the SDF, there are instances of election by acclamation, for posts where there is just one candidate each.

The MP was evasive when asked whether election by acclamation does not normally go hand-in-hand with unanimity on a candidature.

Reminded of the position of the National Chairman where John Fru Ndi, who was the lone candidate insisted that voting should take place to give his election legitimacy, Nintcheu retorted: “I was not the person who decided that the election at the Regional Conference be by acclamation.

Whatever the case, as I said earlier, election by acclamation is legal in the SDF. I am not the first person to have been elected by acclamation in the party.”

Djamen and Elimbi during a press conference on October 20, criticised the NEC team’s conduct of the Region election.

They alleged that Nintcheu bought the members of the team to organise what they termed a masquerade, to enable him grab back the post of Chairman of the Littoral SDF.

Djamen and Elimbi, both NEC members, argued that no reasonable human being would agree that somebody or a member of a group that “threatens the life of a party” should be allowed to run for re-election in that same party.

The two urged the NEC to annul the election of Nintcheu and order for the re-organisation ..
‘Fighting Electoral Fraud’

Talking to The Post last week, Ndangle Kumase stated that his protest at the Regional Conference was not an act of indiscipline.

“I simply refused to be used by the NEC team as a guinea pig to accept the fraudulent election that had clearly been planned.

The National Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, has repeatedly told militants that if anybody notices electoral fraud anywhere or in whatever election, he or she should fight it on the spot.

The National Chairman has always told militants to fight for their rights anywhere anytime that they feel cheated,” Kumase said.

He added, “More so, we are here talking about election in the SDF, a party that the Cameroonian people are all looking up to, to bring genuine change to the country.

If I or any other fellow SDF militant cannot stand up against electoral fraud in the party, then what moral authority will we have to criticise electoral fraud by the CPDM regime during Municipal, Legislative, Senatorial or Presidential elections?”

Kumase said, it was only on October 12 that the head of the NEC team, Senator Tsomelou, mailed the District Chairpersons with the candidature form to be filled by all those who wanted to run for any of the 29 posts in the Regional Bureau.

He said according to the SDF Constitution, if more than one candidate in an Electoral District wants to run for a post in the Regional Bureau, the Electoral District has to organise a primary for the candidates at a District Conference.

The winner would be the candidate to run for the Regional election from the Electoral District.

But Kumase said with the NEC team having fixed the Elective Regional Conference for October 16, there was no time for the Electoral Districts that had such situation in hand, to hold District Conferences to organise the primaries.

He said District Chairmen had thus called on Senator Tsomelou to postpone the Regional Conference by two weeks, to enable the different District Conferences to organise primaries, but he refused to postpone the conference, and instead threatened that if an Electoral District sent in the names of two candidates for the same post, both would be rejected.

Kumase said a District Chairman does not have the power to unilaterally drop a candidate who wants to run for a post in the Regional Bureau.

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