Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Uncle Sam Was A Deep Family Man 

There are a lot of words that can be used to describe my uncle Mr. Sam-Nuvala Fonkem. I’ve heard the words myself being around people that have lived, or spoken, or done business with him over the years. The thing that is unique though, is that people loved my uncle for some of the same things that got them upset with him, mostly his unwillingness to budge on a stance once he set his mind to it!

This unwillingness was on display whenever he had lessons he wanted to teach me, or certain situations where I looked to him for guidance, which happened to be very often. Uncle Sam was a very straightforward individual, who didn’t mince words, no matter who you were. This was evident in the most of our conversations, from which I always learned something new, or looked at something with a different perspective. One thing that was always clear when it came to my uncle, was that he cared very deeply for everyone in our family, and if he could do something to help you out, he wouldn’t hesitate. If I ever needed anything, my uncle, Sam, was always there for me.

I think most would agree that Uncle Sam passed away too early in life, but I’ve also come to realize that God’s plan is God’s plan and we can’t argue with the results (another thing I came to understand, speaking with my uncle as I got older) I wish he was still here, so I could turn to him for more knowledge and advice, which he surely would have had. The best thing I can do now to honor my uncle, is to keep recycling the knowledge that he’s already given me, and use that knowledge to become a better man and help my community the best I can. I love you, Uncle Sam and I hope you’re watching over the family everyday from Heaven and I hope we all make you proud and we can keep your legacy thriving to the full respect it deserves.

R.I.P Uncle Sam, I will always miss you!

Your Loving Nephew,

 Lemuga Fonkem