Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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University Of Buea Students On Strike 

By Andrew Nsoseka

img_3856The student of the University of Buea have risen against their Vice Chancellor, Dr. Nalova Lyonga, accusing her of embezzling their share of the FCFA 50,000, presidential grant, and for imposing penalties on students to pay 10,000, for late course registration as well FCFA 10,000 as late payment of school fees.

The strike started today November 28, 2016, when students assembled in front of the Central Administration building demanding that the VC should come and address their grievances.

Riot police, in full protective gear arrived, forming a barricade to shield students from getting access to the Central Administration building. This was followed by reinforcement with two military trucks packed with soldiers, who were booed and chased out of campus by students chanting “No Violence”.

The population of students protesting increased drastically and four more military truck, packed with riot police officers entered the campus, and started dispersing students, using tear gas, batons and warning gun shots.

The students had earlier been warned by their lecturers, who are on strike to stay at home, but the VC sent out a communiqué instructing students that their Continuous Assessment tests, C.A’s were beginning today November 28.

While on campus the students grouped and turned on the Vice Chancellor, demanding that their grievances be heard and solved.

It was in response to the students’ peaceful protest, which was characterized by chants and showing of placards that the riot police was brought into campus to disperse the students, as they had refused listening to an envoy sent by the administration, to calm down the students.

The clashes between the police and students have resulted to so many students incurring wounds, beaten by police officers, as well as some incurred from tear gas canisters.

img_3823Student residential areas in Buea, has now been invaded by riot police officers, who are chasing and beating students, in a fear that they might regroup and return to the campus to continue with their protest.