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University Student Wins Orange Cameroun Third 4×4 Car, Sports Pajero 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Ms. Yvetteclaire Ngang Abey, final-year student of English Modern Letters of the Yaounde I University, December 10, turned over a new page in her life as she joyfully drove home a brand new sports car. Yvetteclaire Ngang is the third winner of the ten 4×4 cars placed at the disposal of Orange Cameroun clients for grabs. Ngang won the Pajero during the December 5 Orange Cameroun raffle draw over Canal 2 International.

Handing over the car to Ms. Ngang at the Orange Cameroun Centre Regional Head Office, the representative of the General Manager of Orange Cameroun, André Yana, re-echoed that the company is celebrating its 10 years of existence in Cameroon. He said it is ten years of sharing experience and communication as well as living great moments, thanks to its consumers.

He recalled that because of its spirit of sharing, the great Orange Cameroun raffle draw, launched since November 23, has for the past three weeks stirred emotion and joy in homes of Cameroonians, who are happy winners of the numerous prizes. "After Nkongsamba and Limbe, here we are today in Yaounde to celebrate and compensate a faithful client of Orange Cameroun," Yana stated.

He said that during the third session of the 10 raffle draws on Sunday, December 5, the number 94 97 15 92 came out as the happy winner of the third Pajero sports car. In the midst of thunderous applause, Yana declared that Ms. Yvetteclaire Ngang Abey was the face behind the number that won the 4×4 sports car as he reminded members of the public that the Orange offer will run till January 23, 2011. "Ms. Ngang…did not consume FCFA 1 million of communication credit, not FCFA 100,000 of communication credit, not even FCFA 10,000 of communication credit but FCFA 1000 of communication credit during the week of November 29.

Since she is an identified client, her number was registered for the raffle draw of December 5 whose result we all know today," Yana declared. He congratulated Ms. Ngang on behalf of the big Orange Cameroun family for being a living witness of the spirit of sharing being demonstrated by Orange in its 10 years of existence in Cameroon.

Mr. Yana told the press that apart from the Pajero, there are many other varied prizes to be won which include a 4×4 Mercedes, iPhone 4, flat screen computers, ten gift vouchers for up to FCFA 1 million each and a lot more in order to thank Cameroonians for their faithfulness. He said in Orange Cameroon, transparency is the watch word and they do what they say effectively.

"In order to participate, the client who has already been identified has to consume at least FCFA 1000 communication credit per week to be enlisted for the raffle draw. If you are not identified, then you are not eligible for the raffle draw. That is the necessary and sufficient condition," Yana insisted.

The visibly joyful Yvetteclaire told the press that when she came back from swimming classes and went to the road to transfer air time, she started receiving congratulatory messages that she was the third winner of the 10 sports Pajeros put on offer by Orange Cameroun. She said apart from the confirmation call from Orange Cameroun, she received over 100 telephone calls from other Cameroonians congratulating her. "I never believed it could happen to me. But it happened by the grace of God and I know it is God’s will. I thank God very much and Orange Cameroun for making my dream come true," she said.

On how she intends to use the car, Ms. Ngang said that she needs to discuss with the parents, but noted that she personally wants to continue riding in the car. She declared that Orange is her best network as she encouraged all Cameroonians to subscribe and remain faithful to the company as they may just be the next lucky winners.

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