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Uphold UB’s Rules, Values, Newly Appointed Official Instructed 

By Yvonne Massa Ako & Nester Asonganyi

Newly appointed officials of the University of Buea, UB, have been exhorted to uphold the values, rules and regulations governing the institution.

The call was made by the UB Vice Chancellor, VC, Dr. Nalova Lyonga, on January 8, while commissioning the 37 appointed officials.

Amongst the officials were three Directors, namely: Dr. Emmanuel Acha Asongalem, Dr. Michael Ekonde Sone and Dr. Andrew Ekoka Molindo.

The VC reminded the officials to respect the conditions regulating the creation and functioning of State Universities.

“UB has expectations from these personnel who are from different backgrounds and have different characters,” she said. According to her, among their different priorities, the values of UB must be uppermost.

“UB has taken the role of a ‘place to be’ in the actual meaning of the phrase, and in the next 10 years, the institution should be ranked among the top 10 Universities in the world.

“We want to establish those standards adopted in the world’s most renowned universities in UB,” Nalova asserted.  She said Cameroonians must not keep on seeking for the best things in other countries because, “we can make ourselves the best.”

She emphasised on the aspect of commitment and hard work.

“Don’t leave your office work during office hours for something which is not in the interest of the office,” she warned.

The UB Registrar, Dr. Roland Ndip, called on the officials to hold tight to the values of character, charisma, communication and competence. These, he said, will help them to achieve great leadership.

“Be diligent, keep learning, focus on your priorities, consider money as a resource, have a positive attitude and be self-disciplined,” the Registrar stated, adding that, the adoption of these tips will help them to succeed as good leaders.

After his installation, the new Director of Students Affairs, Dr.Molindo told The Post that UB is not a strange environment to him, because, he has been working in UB for the past 15 years and has been a youth leader in both international and national institutions.

“I am telling all the students that I am ready to work with them. My office is open for total collaboration and dialogue and we are here to make sure that that the lives of students on campus are rewarding, he said.

To Walter Ngam Nkwi, the new Head of Department in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, even though he is relatively new in the Department as an administrator, he is going to break grounds.

“It is said that surprise defeats even the strongest, it will not defeat me, because, I am going into a Faculty where I had long admired. I did my PhD on the history of technology and I am happy to offer something to the UB in my own small way,” Ngam Nkwi stated.

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