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US Donates FCFA 6.5 B To Cameroon Health Security 

The Government of Cameroon will in the next three years benefit from circa FCFA 6.5 billion as part of the Global Health Security Agenda, GHSA, activities in Cameroon.
The revelation was made in Yaoundé at the launch of GSHA at the Prime Minister’s Office following an audience granted by the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, to the US delegation led by Ambassador, H.E. Michael Stephen Hoza.

The Post learnt that the GHSA support in Cameroon is an addition to the ongoing US investments of over FCFA 22.5 billion spread out in diverse disciplines through varied activities such as health staff training, national public health laboratory, providing over 5000 personal protective kits and supporting the national surveillance systems in public and animal health, as well as, strengthening the health care system.

Speaking during the ceremony, Ambassador Hoza said the initiative to be realised through a health partnership, targets the addressing of pandemics in the country. “GSHA objectives are tailored towards minimizing health threats in Cameroon, while reducing vulnerability to acute public health hazards that will endanger the collective health of the population,” he stated.
H.E. Hoza added that expectations are rife for concerned ministerial departments to realise this objective, given that, health security is a springboard for Cameroon to emerge by 2035.
For her part, the Country Director of the Centre for Disease Control, Dr. Bulu Omotoyo, said as a US agency to facilitate the realisation of the GHSA activities in Cameroon, focus will be on strengthening international infrastructure, policies and operational frameworks for the deployment of public health and medical personnel internationally in response to emergencies.
“Our technical areas include developing a nationwide laboratory system and deploying diagnostic approaches, preventing the emergence and spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens including drug-resistant bacteria, and preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases amongst others,” she stated.

Dr Omotoyo reiterated that the global health security agenda will provide improvement in the health sector which will be registered in the domains of new lab and surveillance tools, successful outbreak controls and a general advancement in the public health framework.

The Post further gathered that the GSHA initiative is a US presidential priority for the Obama administration, which seeks to accelerate the achievement of a global capacity to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to infectious disease threats. The activities will be implemented in Cameroon principally piloted by the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the Ministries of Forestry and Wildlife, Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, and the Ministry of the Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development.

Cameroon is one of 17 phase 1 GHSA countries to benefit from the US Government funding to support GSHA activities. Observers hope the initiative will bring a more proactive and reactive approach in the health care system in the country.
By Eulalia Amabo Nchang

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