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US Gov’t Chides Cameroon Over Bloody Human Rights Abuses 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

UB Students bleeding after police torture

UB Students bleeding after police torture

The United States, US, State Department has condemned Cameroon Government’s abuse of fundamental freedoms in the country.

The condemnation is contained in a press statement; the State Department in Washington D.C issued on November 28.

“We are also concerned over recent Cameroon Government actions to restrict free expression and peaceful assembly, including 10-year prison sentences for men who exchanged texts referencing Boko Haram and the arrest of 54 members of the Opposition Cameroon People’s Party while they were peacefully conducting a party meeting,” partly reads the press statement.

The US Government says it is deeply concerned by the loss of life, injuries and damage in protests that turned violent in Bamenda and Buea.

It calls on all parties to exercise restraint, refrain from further violence and engage in dialogue for a peaceful resolution to the protests.

The statement further reads; “The United States urges the Government of Cameron to protect and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, ensure that all voices are heard and respected, and preserve the guarantees enshrined in its constitution and international obligations.”

The US State Department reminded the Biya regime that the constitution of Cameroon guarantees freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.

“We believe that non-threatening rhetoric and activities especially private conservations and gathering warrant neither prosecution nor government censure,” says the release.

At the time that the release was published, police and gendarmerie elements had descended on the striking students of the University of Buea. They meted out inhuman torture on their victim.

One female student whose name we are withholding was reported raped by police in her room.

For one thing, the US Government is condemning torture of citizens and the abuse of human rights which the Cameroon Government has made a way of life in the country. That is why, the police had a field day in Buea on Monday dragging students out of their rooms and torturing them.

Some 15 activists of the Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC, are being tried in court in Buea for the simple reason that they were preparing to hold a meeting. Their trial began after they had suffered pre-trial detention in prison for over 40 days.

Since SCNC activists started articulating the Anglophone Problem, Government has chosen to use gendarmes to brutally crackdown on them.

The only meeting on the Anglophone that went on uninterrupted was the All Anglophone Conference in Buea in 1993.

When Anglophone elite succulently articulated the pool, the Government did not react. They then organised the All Anglophone Conference, AAC II, in Bamenda in 1994.

But instead of initiating dialogue, the Government sent troops to disrupt the meeting. Many people were arrested and tortured. But the organisers of surreptitiously held the meeting and issued what was known as the Bamenda Declaration.

The Bamenda Declaration gave Government a reasonable deadline to react to the activist’s demand for a return to federation.

When the deadline expired, many months later, the activists created the SCNC and gave it the mandate to fight for independence of the former British Southern Cameroons.

Government declared the SCNC public enemy number one and took delight in arresting activists anywhere they gathered for a meeting