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Varsity Don Exposes Francophone Domination At University Of Bamenda 

Varsity Don Exposes Francophone Domination At University Of Bamenda

-Says Francophone Lecturers Sell Entrance Exams Questions To Relatives

– Science Departments Are Manned By Francophone Family

-ENS Director Of Studies, Son Trade Admission Marks

By Chris Mbunwe

A lecturer at the University of Bamenda, UBa, has appealed to the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, to investigate what he describes as Francophone bias at the University. 

Professor Gaius Doh’s (not real names) petition debunks the recent claim by Francophone lecturers that they are marginalised at UBa.

The letter dated March 3, 2017 tells the Prime Minister that as he sets out to advise President Biya on the following points about the dominance of Francophones from the West Region and the mess carried out at UBa are very hurting.

Firstly, Anglophones complained bitterly about the lack of science teachers in their technical and secondary schools, whereas there are possibilities for these to be trained at ENS and ENSET Bambili and Kumba. But Gaiu Doh says unfortunately, recruitment into these schools has been mired by the Bamilekes (not all Francophones) who man these Departments.

“How can you imagine for instance, that Dr. Nguendjio at ENS Bambili for several years as Director of Studies while the son, Happy, would be in charge of computer operations where admission marks were and are traded? What else can one call this, if not nepotism? Proof of this is that for 2014/2015 academic year alone into the Second Cycle (Year 4) Science students admitted into ENS Bambili stood as follows; Northwest plus Southwest (Anglophone Regions put together); 98, West Region alone 151, in 2015/2016 academic year (year 4) Science students from Northwest and Southwest; 73, West Region alone, 127. Does the word Francophone subsume under the West or Bamileke alone? Is it therefore a surprise that five of the seven signatories are all from the West Region or Bamileke alone?” the university don asks.

The lecturer says recently some cosmetic changes were made at ENS Bambili.

Says Doh, “Dr. Nguendjio, a Bamileke, was replaced by Fautso, another Bamileke as Director of Studies to head the corruption scam, who himself heads the Physics Department where some of the scandals were manufactured.  For instance, in the Physics Department alone, and for 2014/2015 (year four), these were the distributions or sharing of the cake; Northwest- 7, Southwest- 1, West – 47.”

For 2015/2016, Northwest or Southwest – 00, West 40, so, for two academic years, Northwest produced 11 physics teachers as PLEG, Southwest produced one miserable physics teacher as PLEG, while the West Region alone produced 87 physics teachers as PLEG.

“Anglophones have no right to complain. Your Excellency, does Regional balance in the University of Bamenda; Northwest and Southwest Regions 12 teachers, West Region 87 physics teachers and the other seven regions nothing at all? This is not the Regional balance President Paul Biya seems to be preaching,” Doh notes.

“Your Excellency, equally examine the admission into year four of the 2012/2013 academic year into the Mathematics series; Northwest- 0, Southwest- 03, West 53, the rest of the Regions – 00; 2015/2016 year 4, Northwest – 04, Southwest- 02, West 41, others 02; 2014/2015 year 4, Northwest -11, Southwest- 00, West 36, others 02; 2013/2014 , year 4; Northwest-14, Southwest – 00, West 27. If you just imagine that in Mathematics and Physics, all the teachers are Bamilekes, then you can understand the plight of the Anglophone,” Doh notes.

He promises to forward the more horrible situations of admissions into ENSET in his next correspondence to the Prime Minister.

Going by Prof. Doh, his colleagues, Dr. Bokagne Betobo Edouard and Prof. Bogning Jean Roger claim that they were sent or mandated by Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo to do that, “but I wonder whether the Minister of Higher Education himself is aware of this mess perpetrated by these Bamilekes. When some of them claim that the Minister influences admissions into ENS and ENSET, why only candidates from the West? This is pure blackmail.”

Doh, is angry that the likes of Prof. Bogning and Bokagne do not end at just teaching their brothers and sisters, but go ahead to insult Anglophones students. “Note that this may cause friction in this school and students not be taken as a joke,” Doh cautions, and proposes that due to the recent creation of the French Department of ENS by the Head of State, an Anglophone should be appointed to head this department. 

He equally pleads that ENSET Bambili be authorised to launch post-graduate programmes this year “in order to fill the gap we have been accused of for over fifty years.”

While calling on the Prime Minister to draft in CONAC to verify these facts, Prof. Doh says neither Prof. Akenji, the Vice Chancellor of UBa, nor Prof. Ngenge are the perpetrators of these. 

“Come to think of it, Anglophones start learning physics as from form one, Francophones, premiere and yet they claim to master physics more? Let the academic assimilation end.”

According to Prof. Doh, the situation is not different in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences or Statistics – Bamileke teachers frustrate Anglophones and favour theirs. They claim to master a lot about Anglo-Saxon education which they say they are helping to build and yet say that the demands formulated by the group “All Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions are regionalist, violent and hostile and are against national unity and national integration.”  

Doh believes that they do not even understand the meaning of the above sentence as to its semantics.

Science Departments Manned By Family

Biology: Prof. Fotso, Mboubda Hermand, Fokam Zephyrin, Heumou, Soh Kegne (all from the West) with two Anglophones (Tita and Muyang).

Chemistry: Kamga Batheleng, Kayo Taboula Maurice, Soh Desire, Saka Ya Paul (all from the West) with one Anglophone, Musongong Joseph.

Geology: Wotchoko Pierre, Kouankap Nono, Tetsopgang (all from the West with a miserable Alice Magha)

Physics: Fautso Kuate, Noutchogwe Tatchum, Yamgoue Serge Bruno, Bogning Jean Roger, Nana Bonaventure (all from the West).

Mathematics; Foutsa Emmanuel,Tomatiti.

“How would anybody expect fairness in entrance exams and admissions into these professional schools?” Doh quips.

He tells the Prime Minister that high officials in his office have descended so low as to come and arrange for admission and recruitment of their relations in these institutions whereas they ought to fight for sanity. 

Doh’s memo also states that, “before the entrance examinations are written, question papers are already sold to relatives in the West for fabulous sums of money.

“Go to Nkwen and carry out your investigation; the Fotsos, the Nguendjios etc, have all raised and are raising duplexes and storey buildings out or their proceeds from their extended Region and the Northwest.”


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