Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Varsity Lecturers Fleeing Military Harassment 

By Ngwa Denis

University lecturers have been fleeing from military harassment ever since the Anglophone Crisis escalated into an armed conflict and with some arrested and detained.

Following the arrest and detention of the President of the University Lecturers Syndicate, Dr. Fontem Neba and some of his colleagues, after they called for school boycott, lecturers are being harassed, arrested, detained and tortured.

Some of the lecturers who participated at a meeting in which the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Societies Consortium, CACSC, resolved to call a strike, like Michael Boyo of the Faculty of Health Science, went into hiding.

Others like Fuh Emeline Lem, Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, was arrested and tortured until she was hospitalised.

Fuh Lem, who, besides her teaching job, ran a fashion business centre, seems to have abandoned both the teaching job and her business and her whereabouts, since she left hospital, are not known.

With their departures, the situation of the University of Buea, which is already wanting in lecturers, has become worse.

Lecture halls have remained empty, either due to the no-school campaign by Anglophone Separatists, or the absence of lecturers.