Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Vets Intensify Hygiene, Sanitation Crusade 

By Willibroad B. Nformi

Officials of the Veterinary Department in Kumbo, Bui Division, have intensified activities geared at improving on the hygiene and sanitation conditions in the area. The activities included visiting of restaurants, drinking spots and slaughter houses in the town. Defaulters were warned that they would pay fines and or their businesses would be closed down.

Damasus Niba Ngwa, Chief of Section for Veterinary Services, Bui Divisional Delegation of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, MINEDIA, said he and his team visited and inspected restaurants, butcheries, feed and medicine stores, fish, pork and beef roasters to ensure that the public consumes healthy animal products.

He said he also insisted that those dealing with such consumable items procure their legal papers such as medical certificates and authorisation to practise. Niba Ngwa said inspection was carried out during the festive period of Christmas and New Year when consumption of animal products is at the peak. He said while some people met with the legal requirements, others were yet to comply.

The Chief of Section said they were advised to make good their papers or be brought to book. He called especially on butchers to come his service for licenses. In a related development, Bui administrative authorities have warned beer dealers to ensure that their business premises have urinals and toilets. They also warned that they will sanction defaulters.

The Kumbo Council had, in a budgetary session on November 9, 2010, adopted that all animals, including table birds, be slaughtered at the Council butchery against a fee. This, it was made clear, was intended to ensure better hygienic conditions for inhabitants of the municipality and avoid such pandemics as cholera. But most people who spoke to The Post averred that the Council can control the slaughtering of cattle, but not such animals like goats, sheep or pigs, let alone chicken that is usually a home matter.

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