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Villagers Besiege SW Attorney General’s Office Over Chief’s Arrogance 

 Say Gov, SDO, DO, Have Been Caged By Chief Njombe

 Insinuate A Drug Addict, Can’t Lead SWECC

By Andrew NsosekaProtesters Question to the PG

Some restive villagers of Wokaka in Buea Subdivision, Southwest Region, July 11, led a protest march to the Court premises in Buea and besieged the office of the Attorney General, AG, of the Southwest Region.
The irate villagers marched with placards disowningJohnson NjokeNjombe as their Chief.According to them, Njombe is unfit to be their leader.

The locals also accused Njombeof land grabbing, usurpation of a chieftaincy stool that does not belong to him and bribing administrative authorities to protect him from the poor villagers.
“He isa land grabber, seasoned usurper, drug addict and a candidate who is not fit to serve the Southwest Chiefs’ Conference.Why is he vying for the post?”one of the village questioned.

Most of the villagers who spoke to The Post, said after selling off communal land that was surrendered to the indigenesby the CDC, Chief Njombehas embarked on rampant seizure of private parcel of land.

The indigenes of Wokaka asked the AG if he has also been pocketed by Njombe, like the Governor OkaliaBilai, Fako SDO, Zang III and the DO of Buea, WokamKouam.

The AG took exception to the question and asked the protesting villagers “have you come here to accuse me or lay a complaint?
In respond, one of the leaders of the protest march said; “we have simply come to lay our complaint to you and to confirm from you Mr. Attorney General, if you have also been bought over by Chief Njombe? Njombehas told us that we have nowhere to go because he has bought over the Governor, SDO, DO, Judicial department and even the police.”

Addressing their plights, theAG told the villagers that he is not a Kingmaker and as such, cannot handle the issue. He, however, advised them to channel their problem to the competent authority.
His suggestion further infuriated the villagers, who asserted that “the so-called competent authorities have failed us over the years.”

The AGpledged to look into the matter and ensure that justice is served.
From the Attorney General’s Office, the villagers proceededtothe Southwest Regional Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms, where they were received by the Regional Secretary,Christopher TambeTiku.

As soon as TambeTiku stepped out to welcome the villagers, some elderly women started wailing and recounting how they have been kicked out of their farm lands by the Chief’s thugs.

“The Chief has been seizing natives’ land to give out to those he collected money from, promising them parcels of land from the 60 hectares of land that was surrendered to the village by the CDC,” one of the elderly women, whose parcel of land has been confiscated stated.

The villagers further stated that part of the surrendered land has been used by Njombe to compensate some administrative, security and judicial officials, who are protecting him.
“The Palace of Chief Molinge, the Catholic University and the Nigerian Consulate, are all constructed on the land that was surrendered to the Wokaka people, whichNjombe unilaterally sold off.”
Addressing the protesting villagers, TambeTiku, promised to facilitate the smooth process of justice for the villagers of Wokaka

NjombeIs An Impostor

According to the Secretary of the Wokaka Traditional Council, Robert Embola, the Wokakachieftaincy palaver has been dragging on for 16 years.

“Consultative talks were conducted and Mathias Monika was designated as the successor of the late Chief, but the villagers were taken aback in 2003, when a Prefectural Order signed by Robert Dikume, former Fako SDO appointed Johnson Njombeas Chief of Wokaka.

But in the course of our investigation, we discovered that the Prefectural Order was backdated after the SDO was transferred to the East Region.”
Meanwhile, the July 11 protest march is not the first that the people of Wokaka have carried out to denounce Njombe as their Chief, but their actions often end up in futility.

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