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Villagers Fear Politicians May Use ELECAM Data For Ritual 

By Maxcel Fokwen

ELECAM officials registering voters

ELECAM officials registering voters

Officials of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, in Mbonge Subdivision, Southwest Region have revealed that some potential voters hesitated enrolling on the voters roll for fear that politicians would use their data for ritual purposes.

The ELECAM Branch Head for Mbonge made the revelation on Wednesday, August 24, during a meeting in Kumba.
The meeting was intended to evaluate voters’ registration process in Meme Division.

Presenting the report to the Southwest ELECAM Board Members; Dorothy Limunga Njeuma and Christopher Tambe Tiku, the Council Branch Head stated that the challenge was noticed in the locality of Medongo in the Bomboko court area.

According to the report, inhabitants of the village at first thought that having their finger prints and photograph through the ELECAM biometric kit may expose them to ritual politicians.

According to the ELECAM Branch Head, it was only after ELECAM officials stepped up their sensitisation campaign in the area that the villagers came registering in huge numbers.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the evaluation conclave, Professor Dorothy Limunga Njeuma, said as the voters’ register closes on August 31, efforts should be directed towards voters’ cards distribution.

The ELECAM Board Member called on political party leaders to sensitise their militants and sympathisers to collect their voters’ cards.

She said getting the voters cards to the potential voters is an essential part of the electoral process which must not be neglected.

On calls for the decentralisation of the provisional voters’ register, Njeuma told reporters that the worry will be tabled to the ELECAM hierarchy.

She explained that since the issue touches on the material management of the body, the Board and the Director General of elections will have to look at the proposal.

Social Democratic Front, SDF representatives for Mbonge and Kumba III, Harrison Itoe and Rufus Oum Bigda respectively suggested that, the provisional lists be pasted in villages, quarters and other public places for free consultation.

Harping on the distribution of the cards, Christopher Tambe Tiku, said ELECAM is working for a credible electoral process, reason why every stakeholder must participate.

Tambe Tiku expressed worries on the distribution of the voters’ card, but reminded politicians that if they dream of winning elections, they must get their followers to collect the voters’ cards.

He said competition among parties should strengthen the process.

To him, political participation remains very crucial in every democratic process.

The Divisional Branch Head, Divine Mokoto Mewanu, asserted that Meme Division registered 9892 new voters in 2016.

“In terms of distribution, the Division as at August 24 received 1281 voters cards out of which 6991 have reached its owners. Of the 5880 cards still undistributed, strategies were afoot to ensure that the owners get them,” the Divisional Head said.

To the Meme Divisional boss of ELECAM, the output for 2016 surpassed the aggregate of 5424 potential voters registered in 2015.

He said in 2016 their efforts in targeting youths and women yielded fruits in all the Council branches.
Mokoto’s report and those of all the five Council Branch Heads indicted Chiefs and Quarter Heads for their lack of collaboration.

CPDM Absent

Executive members of the ruling CPDM party from across the Division did not show up for the meeting, but for a militant from Meme IB.

The absence of the CPDM party leaders gave an upper hand to SDF officials who virtually overshadowed other political parties at the meeting.

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