He abandoned the throne a year after his enthronement. The villagers presented the worry to the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga-Mantung, Mbiwan Nchaffu, during his meet-the-people visit recently  "Today, our palace is cold because our young and dynamic Fon is not there. We, the Talla people, are living like orphans," they complained.

The Secretary of the Talla Village Traditional Council, Samuel Tab, disclosed that after the enthronement of the Fon in 2006, he abdicated the throne a year later and took refuge in Bamenda. He said the young Fon had complained that the throne belongs to his father and he could only be crowned after his father dies as tradition demands.

The Post learnt that ever since his abdication, the father who is a member of the traditional council and one of the elders in the royal family had always been silent whenever the issue comes up for discussion. It is rumoured that the village kingmakers had preferred the young man who was a Grade I teacher in Bafoussam, West Region, to his ageing and illiterate father.

The Post learnt that after the idea was put forth to the old man, he reluctantly accepted that his son should replace him but nursed secret ambitions to be buried in the royal grave. After his enthronement, The Post was told, Fon Ngwang suffered from witch-hunting.

He discovered that his life was in danger. The last incident that sent him packing out of the palace, The Post gathered, was when he slept one night on the royal bed just to find himself sleeping outside the next morning. This, to him, was not only a sign that some people did not want him on the throne but that they wanted him dead. He reportedly packed out of the palace over night, vowing never to return.

Other sources revealed that he is responsible for his undoing since according to them he often beat up his mother and humiliated his father in public. Of recent, including the DO of Ndu, have made several trips to Bamenda to convince him to resume his functions but he declined.

It was why the people pleaded with the SDO for Donga-Mantung, to broker peace and understanding to enable the Fon return. The Secretary of the Talla Traditional Council disclosed that if the Donga-Mantung administration permits them, they will be forced to enthrone another Fon.