Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Villagers Scared As Storms Destroy Electricity Poles 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The destruction of electricity poles by rainstorms has sent fears of electrocution down the spines of Small Ekombe villages in Mbonge Subdivision, Meme, Southwest Region.

According to Chief Lawrence Kombe of Small Ekombe, who spoke to The Post by phone recently, he had reported the incident to AES Sonel on Monday, April 28.

Chief Kombe said a downpour had battered the village in the night of Sunday, April 27 breaking Monday, April 28, crashing down electricity poles.

He said AES Sonel technicians started working in the village but later on stopped.

The AES Sonel office in Kumba told The Post that they had no records showing any complaint from Small Ekombe. 

The receptionist, however, said contact could have been done using other means.

He explained that the work stopped temporarily for technical reasons but that the situation would be handled speedily.

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