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Voters Warned Against Multiple ID Cards 

By Azore Opio with Field Reports

Potential voters in Lebialem Division, Southwest Region, have been warned against establishing multiple ID Cards. The Lebialem Divisional Head, Stephen Tanya, sounded the warning on May 6 at a meeting of ELECAM staff after presentation of reports of activities from all the three Council Branch Heads from Menji, Alou and Wabane Sub-divisions.



Computarisation at Menji ELECAM shall weed out multiple registration

said those who have taken the advantage of establishing multiple national identity cards would be caught by the data base software of ELECAM, which would delete all their fake names.

The ELECAM Divisional Head told his collaborators to be vigilant as proposed lists for polling stations are forwarded to them for verification and possible recommendation. He also exhorted his staff to be neutral and have no sympathy for any political party, reiterating the call for continuous registration and set a minimum target for all the councils’ branches.

In an interview with former SDF Electoral District Chairman and one time Provincial Coordinator for Education and Publicity, Forbelong Nji Ngu, said, "in order to carry out feasible registration in Lebialem, if it were possible; the first thing would be to get the members of the party to meet the people registering, so that by the time we submit reports we have our own copies of the report. At the end, we would know how many people have registered in every chiefdom. We will, therefore, be able to know who voted and who did not vote. But when they are using ID cards to register under ELECAM; one person has, say, ten ID cards to vote; that is not right."

On his part, the representative of the ANDP party for Lebialem, Fuatabong, said; "about registration, we of the ANDP have suspended registration because ELECAM has refused to motivate us. We worked from September last year to April and were given only FCFA 5000 for three months; from January to March – and since then we haven’t been given anything. So we are no longer doing registration. The problem is that we had to trek from quarter to quarter. Anyway, before we suspended registration, we had about 21,000 voters registered in Fontem Sub-division."

Despite the difficulties faced in registration, Fuatabong says, "ANDP is for election. Maybe in July we may be going to Yaounde for the Coordinators and members of the Central Committee to decide whether we go in for election or not." From all indications, voter registration in Lebialem may be slow, but is steady.

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