Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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VOX POP: What Do You Think Of The New Coach For Cameroon? 

Broos’ Appointment Smacks Of Corruption

FECAFOOT President, Tombi ả Roko, and his colleagues have started on a dirty slate, given the fact that they first deceived Cameroonians that they had shortlisted five international coaches. Within a twinkle of an eye, they surfaced with Hugo Broos, who was not shortlisted. This smells corruption. They have not explained to Cameroonians what happened to the five shortlisted coaches. This new coach has been a man of poor results and he will not perform miracles in Cameroon. Cameroonian will watch as Hugo and Tombi’s gang will swindle millions and share among themselves.

Ernest Kenfack, Newspaper Vendor, Bamenda.

I Am Not Very Comfortable

I am not very comfortable with FECAFOOT’s choice, considering the fact that he has no experience in African football. I think that a Cameroonian should be given a chance. The Belgian tactician, to the best of my knowledge, has very little success as a coach and that is more than a decade ago in the Belgian pro league and since then, football has really evolved, especially in Africa and Cameroon. I think a name like that of the current Malian coach that was mentioned. That would have been better given his pedigree in African football and his success too. I continue to keep my fingers crossed, come Gabon 2017, before looking to 2019 where nothing less than being champions is expected on home soil.

Nforsi Ngwa, footballer, Buea

Cameroon Should Copy From Nigeria, Egypt

The Egyptians won three successive African Nations Cup trophies with a local coach. Our neighbor, Nigeria, did same. So why could Cameroon not try a National? The issue is that we can manage our local coaches with the realities on the ground. I do not believe in foreign coaches. With determination, and a little push, our local coaches can perform big, for example, recently our Lions won Niger with a local coach and we applauded.

Local Coaches Should Be Given A Chance

Getting a new coach to me is part of the solution to our football. When you look at the way our team plays, it is as if they want to test their opponent whether they can play. No fighting spirit in the team. I think the new coach may help solve the problem. But, at one moment, local coaches should be given a chance.

Etienne Dusemnyuy, Footballer

It’s A Waste Of Time

The problem is not bringing in a foreign. The only thing disturbing the team is us. The day we will learn to put the right people in right places, forgetting about family ties, tribalism and nepotism, we will progress, otherwise we will keep marking time. Bring in a new coach like what has happened is waste of time and the only advantage goes to people who know what they will benefit from recruiting a foreign coach.

Laika Jude, Businessman, Yaounde

Gov’t Is Promoting Capital Flight

When I got the announcement that a new coach has been appointed to head the Lions, I knew it was a whiteman. What has become of our locals? Cameroon government can go an extra mile to train coaches rather than hire expatriates and paying them hundreds of FCFA millions. This attitude of Cameroon Government is promoting capital flight. Government should get former Indomitable Lions like Milla, Bell, Tataw, Song and Mboma and sponsor their training as coaches. We should not think of emergence by 2035 when we import everybody from football coaches, to road contractors, when we can do it ourselves.

Ashu Mcmoi Ndi, Bali

Broos’ Inexperience Is Not The Solution

We are still far from getting to the solution. I cannot believe that at a time when our football authorities are fighting so hard to bring back the glorious days of the national team, can settle for coach with no experience. Where are our interim coaches that have been delivering the goods? By chance the new coach can bring in results, but why must we go for foreign coaches when we have people who can make us proud. They are patriotic Cameroonians who can do it, provided they are given the chance. How many coaches have we sacked in the past 10 years and we think that the solution will come if we continue.

Njofe Nkewnhuh Collens, Computer Engineer Yaounde.

FECAFOOT Saw Something In Him

I don’t know him much, but I know there is no smoke without fire. If FECAFOOT can go for him, it means that they have checked his profile, experience and they are convinced that he can offer something to the redemption of the Indomitable Lions. However, I think that with the nature of our national team and the players we have now we would have gone for someone more, popular and with a high profile. We are talking about the Cameroon national team which is the best in Africa, represented Africa many times at the World Cup, four times winners of the AFCON. All the same, we pray he succeeds.

Coach Barnabas Njoku of Buea United FC

At 63 Bross Should Be On Retirement

Having a good coach is good, but bringing in a qualified coach is very important. We need to bring in a coach who is internationally recognised, internationally certified and having some knowledge about African football. But from all indications, the new coach of the Lions does not have the above qualities. At 63, he is supposed to be going on retirement, but since our country finds joy in old people, they prefer him to come and contribute in crumbling the team. His records do not seem good, but since our Government does not see any problem with that, I only wish him a happy stay, but sooner or later, he will dance to the rhythm that we all know. Is a petty to see all this happening? Let us stop deceiving ourselves and do the right thing.

Roland Ngong Laika, Educationist & Football Analyst

Broos Is Unqualified To Coach Yong Sports

Hugo Broos is a low profile coach. He cannot coach Young Sports Academy, YOSA, not to talk of our national team. This is a man who does not understand African football because he has never coached an African team. We are in for doom. Tombi ARoko has embarrassed Cameroonians. It was better for FECAFOOT to maintain Alexandre Belinga, who has won some matches.

Zico Nwati Nwati, Cameroon Tribune, Bamenda

Local Coaches Can Deliver

I don’t know the new coach too well, but I think we are creating more problems in the Lion’s den than solving them. We have local coaches that can deliver the goods, if given the opportunity and the resources given to expatriates. Since we do not have confidence in ourselves, coupled with greed, the soccer saga in Cameroon will continue.

Burinyuy Clifford, Trader, Yaounde

I Was Shocked By Broos’ Appointment

I was expecting one of the shortlisted coaches in the likes of Alain Gerise, but to my greatest shock, little known Hugo Broos was appointed to head the Lions. The sad thing is that he is coming in with an Assistant, who would be paid FCFA millions. The most annoying thing is that FECAFOOT relegated Belinga to the third position. This is too bad.

Muhammed Bogo, Municipal Police Chief, Bamenda

All Must Bury Hatchet

Bringing a new coach to me is a step towards bringing the fighting spirit back in the Lion’s den. The only thing is for understanding to reign amongst the players, technical staff and football authorities. The New coach, Hugo Broos, should be allowed to do his work without pressure. After a given period, he should be evaluated to see whether he is the problem or the players.

Mbydzenyuy Abdul, Barber, Yaounde

Compiled by Chris Mbunwe, Basil K. Mbuye, Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo, Eulelia Amabo Nchang Mr. zico Nwati Nwati 1