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The Registrar Should Leave If He Is Tired

It is so wicked on the part of the GCE Board not to make the results easily accessible for students who wrote the GCE. We do understand that they suffered before writing, and then there is no need for them to suffer again before seeing their results. When they used to publish the results in the newspapers, at least it was easier for the students to get their results. But this time around it was a whole mess.

You would not imagine that the GCE results were out on July 31 at around 3 pm, but a day later not up to 50 percent of the students had heard of or seen their results. I think the Registrar of the GCE Board should do something about it. If he is tired, he should leave the post for younger people to handle it.

Terence Beyzia, Discipline Master, Ayungha Bilingual College Yaounde

Pure Wickedness

I think it is very wicked of the GCE Board not to publish the results through the print media. The fact is that, for the past years many Cameroonians have always relied on the newspapers to check their results. What will the inhabitants of the hinterlands do? Not everybody receives the CRTV signals. This is just pure wickedness on the part of the GCE Board.

Gilbert Fuchi Chia, Teacher, Yaounde

Very Strange
It is very strange that the results were not published through the print media. But whatever the case, I think the GCE Board has a reason for not publishing the results through this medium. But I think next time the Board should try and redress the situation because it was not a good decision. Listening to the results through the radio creates more tension and anxiety among students.

Thomas Mbu Etung, Student, Yaounde

Wrong Decision
The decision to hoodwink some print media was wrong because in the previous years students used to consult the newspapers or go to their respective schools in order to have the results, while others listened to the radio.

At times, some students do not hear their names on the radio but when they consult the papers they realise they have made it. In Carrefour Obili, some students were wholly confused. They were told their names were seen in booklets in Buea, but when they went to check their names on the internet the names were nowhere to be found.
Obadia Foncham, Businessman, Yaounde

Forcing People To Listen To CRTV
I think the GCE Board has realised that people don’t listen to CRTV when results are released. That is why this year they decided not to give the results to the print media with the simple probably because they wanted to force students and parents to start listening to the CRTV.
Victor Kindong, Student, Yaounde

Compiled By Elizabeth Enanga Mokake (ASMAC Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no. 01364

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