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Vox Pop:Must Cameroonians Keep Thanking Biya For What Is Rightly Thiers? 

Compiled By Olive Ejang Ngoh, Edith Wirdze & Dante Besong

They Shouldn’t
I don’t think they have to be thanking the President too often for things that rightfully belong to them. If they keep on heaping empty thanks on the President, he would be tempted to go on sleeping thinking he has done enough. They should instead tell the President that the things rightfully belong to them and they need more. We need good roads, potable water, schools, electricity and so on. So, the President should be pressured on accomplishing more.
James Doh, The Sun Reporter

Cameroonians Must Keep Thanking Biya
I think Cameroonians must keep thanking Biya for what is theirs because it takes some effort on his part to do what he’s doing. So it’s a way to encourage and motivate him to keep providing needs for the comfort of the people.
Stephen Nnogge, Artist, Buea

He’s Our Father
I think it is important to thank for accomplished projects. The only thing is that most often, these projects are not done evenly nationwide. People who feel that he shouldn’t be thanked when he does something well are act out of jealousy. Normally, if he accomplishes something that is beneficial to society, he is supposed to be praised for the success. To me, he is like a father; that is our father. Thus, if he gives you something like a father, you are supposed to thank. If he doesn’t, you have to wait for your time to come.
Esther Kishen Lontum, Yaounde

It’s A Two-Sided Question
Yes, because he is there to help. It’s like your father in the house, for example, you are his responsibility, and whenever he gives you something you have to thank him. So the fact that Biya is up there and struggling that the society moves on smoothly, we must thank him. No, because these things are ours. We are rich in raw materials like oil, yet we buy them here very expensively. So, why should we thank him? However, we must thank him for good deeds and criticize him for wrong ones.
Patricia Takang, Student, University of Buea

He Should Be Thanked
I think the President needs to be acknowledged because the evenly distribution of resources cannot be controlled by just anyone. I think it takes experience and wisdom for it to be done. The President has been doing just that. So, he should be thanked. If there was no President, things would have gotten out of hand because there would be no laws to govern the resources. As a result, greedy people would want to grab everything while the poor remain poor. If he was not a good President, he could have taken these resources all for himself. Thus, he should be thanked for providing things.
Valery Tata Dulaf, Campus Radio Reporter

They Aren’t Supposed To Thank Him
As the president of Cameroon, it is his duty to provide facilities like schools, hospitals and roads to the nation. As for the FCFA 30 million he offered students, I think it’s good because the more you encourage students to study, the more the country grows. He has to build more hospitals and employ doctors and nurses because the rate of mortality is high.
Emeanyi Asong, Graduate, Buea

No Need To Thank For Amenities
To me, we as citizens have the right to social amenities. Thus, we shouldn’t be thanking him for that. It is our right to use these resources. If you are a registered Cameroonian with an ID, you have the right to be provided with amenities. So, I think we should not thank the President for providing these things. The resources belong to the state and all Cameroonians. We are supposed to benefit from them. It is a national cake and providing it to Cameroonians is normal. That is why I think Cameroonians have a right to it and are not supposed to be thanking the President every time for providing such amenities.
Neveil Numvi, The Eden Reporter

"Thank You" Is Motivating
This phenomenon comes from the fact that the demands are too diverse and are above the availability of resources. As a consequence, when he manages these resources well, he is supposed to be praised for good management. He is supposed to be thanked for judiciously managing the scarce resources. I think the word "thank you" is a motivation weapon encouraging him to perform. If he directs these resources for unnecessary needs, it wouldn’t be appropriate. But if he uses resources to build roads, hospitals and other useful things, he should be thanked for planning the resources well.
Akenda, Yaounde

Not Necessary!
I don’t think Cameroonians should thank President Paul Biya for things that rightfully belong to them. It is the duty of the state to provide social amenities to the population and when we send unnecessary thanks and motions of support, it is as if we don’t merit it or we are begging from the government whereas it is our right. Cameroonians are suffering and sending unnecessary thanks because this country is in the hands of one person. We should try to throw away party lines and emulate development from other countries. Our government must be socially responsible.
Lucas Elonge, JCI President, Kumba

It is just normal for us to appreciate something that is good. We thank our president when social amenities are provided to us because he is at the point of decision making and could as well direct the projects elsewhere else. The "thanks" is like appreciation for a job well done. Thanking the president is like recognizing the work he has done so that more could be done.
Denis Nkwelle Wang, Chief of Taxes, Meme

Why Should We Thank Biya?
Why should we thank Biya when Cameroonians are wallowing in poverty? Things that he was supposed to do in the 1980s are coming 20 years later as a means to keep him in power, and the best Cameroonians can do is to thank him and send motions of support.  Development has no colour and thanking the president means we don’t deserve the things given to us. Development should not be used as a campaign strategy. Cameroonians have passed that level reason why I am saying Biya is tired and should step down from the 2011 presidential elections.
Evaristus Bembohnwi, Businessman, Kumba


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