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Wache Commissioned As New Nkor Mayor 

By Chris Mbunwe, Panky Wamey, Willibroad Nformi & Innocent Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — The commissioning of Francis Wache Kongnyuy, Tuesday, December 3, as the new Mayor of Nkor Council in Noni Subdivision, Bui Division, Northwest Region, was a grandiose affair.

Bui SDO, Theophile Nzeki, while commissioning Francis Wache and his two Deputies; Eveline Kinyuy Tatah and Pius Bambo Kiney, 1st and 2nd Deputies respectively, said as a team, they must ensure prompt recovery of council taxes, complete the construction of new council hall, preserve and protect council property, execute council projects according to the norms laid down by law, revamp hygiene and sanitation campaigns, combat pollution and nuisance, amongst others.

Specifically to Mayor Wache, the SDO challenged him to bring Noni Subdivision out of darkness. “Your priority number one is rural electrification, number two; rural electrification and number three; rural electrification,” the SDO exhorted the new Mayor. He was told not to neglect farm-to-market roads, settle land disputes with caution and make good use of decentralisation.

The SDO drew deafening applause from the crowd when he said, “Mr. Mayor, after 23 years of teaching in the Local Government Training Centre, CEFAM, you are starting today a new adventure. You are called upon to make a qualitative jump from theory into practice. Do bear in mind two things; theory without practice is empty, and practice without theory is blind. The taste of the pudding is in the eating,” Nzeki remarked. After presenting the rich profiles of Wache and Deputies, the SDO singled out Wache, saying he had no doubts that he would make a good Mayor if he respects the rules.

Hear him: “Permit me to remind you that irrespective of your rich and sound curricula vitae, the success over a decentralised structure is less a question of academic, professional and social background than that of vision, determination and commitment. If your decision to stand as Mayor of Nkor is to make a name, aggrandise your complimentary card, ensure your future and that of your family, reinforce the political strength of your party, using therefore all strategies and arguments to fool the people and more especially conserve and implement action plans not for development of your people but to gain their confidence, you will go down the history of  Noni as one of prominent Mayors of Nkor municipality, but not as the builders of this municipality.

“But if you stand for development despite the controversies, the criticisms, the blackmails and inner circle infighting which will surely occur, you will not only be great Noni municipality builders but your names will enter the records of Noni history for life,” Nzeki noted.

He said, in order to succeed, the Mayor and Councillors must work in accordance with the existing texts in the domain of decentralisation, foster development with lucidity without losing sight of the importance of putting in place the basics that will enhance development with more maturity, commitment, assiduity and responsibility. “You should remove your political jackets and forge ahead to develop Noni municipality as one. In other words, you are henceforth the Mayors of all citizens, weak and strong, poor and wealthy”. The SDO thanked the former CPDM Mayor, Michael Shey Kume, for his contributions to the growth of Noni.

Talking to the press after the occasion, Wache, resplendent in a purple agbada, told journalists that “the problems plaguing the Nkor municipality are numerous. They range from lack of electricity to poor roads, inadequate medical services, deplorable roads and insufficient and poorly staffed educational institutions and the catalogue could continue.” Asked how he intended to tackle these challenges, Wache expressed optimism. “The challenges are seemingly insurmountable, but with the inputs of all stakeholders, we will overcome,” Wache said.

Talking on why he decided to run for Mayor, Wache said; “I read somewhere that one should be ashamed to die until one has done something for humanity. As you can see, I am not getting any younger. Maybe it is time for me to do something for my people, the Noni people, before quitting the stage.” The newly installed Mayor invited all sons and daughters of Noni across the political spectrum to join hands and give Noni a fresh development impetus.

“Although I belong to the SDF party, I am henceforth, the Mayor of all Noni people. That is why I invite CPDM supporters to come on board the Noni development train,” Wache said. Nkor Council was created by Presidential decree No 93/322 of November 25, 1993. It has a population of about 39,400 inhabitants spread out in six villages. The following Mayors have administered the Nkor Council; Thaddeus Tabah late (SDF), Omer Shey Nfi Yungsi (SDF), Michael Kume (CPDM) and now Francis Wache (SDF).

First published in The Post print edition no 01486

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