Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Washington Post Warns Cameroon Gov’t About Looming Civil War 

By Basil K Mbuye
American daily newspaper, The Washington Post, has predicted a civil war in Cameroon if nothing is done urgently to arrest the Anglophone Crisis that has been rocking the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country.
In its Thursday, May 30 edition, the tabloid carried a story titled “Africa’s Next Civil War Could Be In Cameroon” bringing out points as to why Cameroon could be a new destination of an African civil war.
In the analysis, the newspaper opines that while some Cameroonians were in Yaounde celebrating the National Day and President Paul Biya was busy congratulating the military on their commitment to peace and safety, the situation in the two English-speaking Regions was not the same.
The instability in the two Regions, the newspaper, went on, could soon plunge Cameroon into Africa’s next civil war country.
Speaking to The Washington Post, Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, said the situation in Cameroon is almost at the level of a civil war.
To him, this is because the Government is not showing any willingness to see to it that the situation is arrested.
“We are gradually getting there. I’m not seeing the willingness of the Government to try to find and address the issue in a way that we will not get there,” Agbor Balla said.
On his part, John Mukum Mbaku, a Professor at Weber State University in Utah and a non resident fellow at the Brookings Institution, said Cameroon is already at the civil war level.
“If you look at what is going on now, you can call it a civil war. The Government is shooting down defenceless villagers. The villagers have also decided to defend themselves and are fighting back.”
The Anglophone Crisis that started in late 2016 and has lasted for over 18 months has taken a new twist with separatist forces and Government forces in countless crossfire in villages in the two Anglophone Regions.
The now impending civil war started with a peaceful march that saw the Government open fire on peaceful protesters, it later witnessed a new twist of separatist forces declaring the independence of the “Ambazonia State.”
The move led to President Paul Biya declaring war on those he termed “terrorists and secessionists” in November 2017. The President’s declaration of war on his own citizens has led to the death of many innocent Cameroonians; thousand displaced both internally and externally, a high wave of kidnappings among others vices.