Sunday, May 26, 2019
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What An Exit Tina! 

By Tina Nganda, CDC Bota, Limbe

It is like a dream, but real. An April fool in January! The most powerful weapon that is stronger than that of the Journalist; Death has shown the pen that he is stronger and fearless. Fearless because it has once more dealt a devastating blow on the Anglophone Press corp. Like a bombshell, Mbom’s, your death hit me so hard! Not only me, but your fans, relatives and colleagues.

Your absence from the sports desk was mistaken as I thought as usual you were on mission.
I thought, like the Eagle, you were on a retreat to pluck off unbearable feathers; so as to prepare you for high flights like covering the 2010 Nations Cup. Rather than face a painful renovation, though so courageous you were, you decided to face and embrace death.

Mboms, as we called each other, what an exit! Mboms you still have an unfinished business. Yes, unfinished because Mount Cameroon Race of Hope will be hopeless without you. The ride on the back of the CRTV pickup with mic in hand. Oh! Yes the voice that used to soothe aching muscles of athletes up and down the Chariot of God

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! Mboms. Sure you are in good company of Aunty Becks, Monjoa Kamara et al. What a communication house over there! Mboms what an exit!

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