Saturday, November 17, 2018
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What Buea/SW Politicians Do Not See And Can Lobby For 

When one looks at Buea today, it should have been common knowledge that the town has grown to be made a city council by merit. When you look at the Buea Court Area, the Muea Court Area, the BONAVADA Area and the Bonjongo Court Area, you would hardly believe that there are any villages in any of these areas as in most of them one would hardly have 100 percent indigenes living in them.

If you take into consideration very important institutions located in Buea like the University, which has close to 12,000 students; the Cameroon GCE Board, SOWEDA etc, and being the capital of the Southwest Region, how can Buea still be a rural council? So, how do Buea and Southwest politicians in general and the powers that be see this situation? Is it not clear enough that something has to be done?

If in 1998 the Fako Mountain did not erupt and caused some physical damages, which compelled the Head of State to come and see for himself the poor nature of the road in Buea, Buea would not have had the tarred road from Mile 17 to Buea Town and some other areas. Because proper work and supervision was not done, most of the other roads have wasted away. Examples are the famous Campaign Street and the road through Buea to Mile Four, Limbe. Are there no credits allocated for the maintenance of these roads?

Who is to follow up and ensure that it is properly executed? Politicians! That is why it is good for most of these contracts to be given to indigenes so that if they do not do a good job, the population would hold them responsible because they themselves live and use the very roads like others. It is high time government thought of raising Buea Rural Council to a City Council, with a Government Delegate. The town, too, has to be taken good care of and enjoy the benefits of a city council.

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