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What Do You Know About Climate Change? 

Compiled by Elvis Tah, Lydie Yuri, Edith Wirdze, Francis Tim Mbom & Leocadia Bongben

Climate Change Is Global Concern
Climate change is a global concern, the reason why hundreds of world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen for deliberations. However, like with HIV/AIDS, I hope some African governments and non governmental organizations do not exploit the problem to grab funds from donor agencies and use for personal gains rather than for the common good of all.
Comfort Mussa – Bamenda

The Realities Are So Evident
The propaganda about climate change first sounded like one of those theories that would disappear within a short time. But, the realities of this phenomenon are now so evident that even my grandmother knows something is terribly wrong with the climate. She can no longer predict rainfall or determine when to plant. Lake Chad is drying up too fast and the desert is advancing. These are warning signs for preventive action.
Randy Joe Saah, BBC Correspondent, Yaounde

Depletion Of The Ozone Layer
Climate change is all about the depletion of the ozone layer by the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is as a result of a lot of issues. One good example is the emission of industrial waste into the atmosphere which in turn helps to deplete the ozone layer. And this is affecting the world. This leads to floods while in some other areas it has led to draught. In Kenya, for instance, we have seen camels and cows dying because there is no water or grass to feed on. So, it is really a bad situation. If countries and leaders of the world do not act now, we might be heading to doom.
Barrister Elvis Visoh, Limbe

Climate Change Is A Reality
Climate change is a reality and we can feel it all around. The inhabitants of Ndu are complaining of excessive heat. Recently, some friends in the United Kingdom complained of excessive heat to the extent that some Europeans suffered sunburn. So, it is not something we have to take lightly. My worry is the attitude of some western and African countries. I do not understand why America is reluctant to fully join this anti-Climate Change wagon and are only prepared to cut by 15 percent over several years. 

Other countries are telling the African continent that they should not pollute and give them the chance to do so and cause more climate change. Should we develop the world or produce more nuclear energy, petrol, cars and burn away the climate and destroy the earth? We all need to join the Climate Change fight. We need to protect our environment and our climate.    
Wilfred Tassang -GBHS Santa

A Major Concern
From the little knowledge I have gathered about climate change, it has to do with the way the climate responds to the environment. And right now we have the big cry of global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer, which is becoming more and more a major concern that we find difficult to ignore.

We should be very careful with the way we exploit our environment especially considering that the way we use our environment greatly determines the way our climate behaves. We have been used to a certain period of time for the dry season and another period of time for the rainy season. Our climate has suddenly changed due to our activities. This year, we had a very long period of rain, which will of course; result in a very short dry season.
Valentine Eyum Sama, Treasury Inspector, Buea

Sea Level Has Increased
What I have observed about the climate is that Buea is now much hotter than it used to be. Also, the sea level has increased so much that it has engulfed the beach. This is due to the poor human action on the environment like bush burning and the use of vehicles that emit bad gases into the atmosphere. All of these go to reduce the ozone layer and render it permeable for the infiltration of unwanted rays into the earth.
Ruth Marlyse Ilinguiye, Buea

Cameroon’s Climate Has Been Changing
I think that the climate in Cameroon has been changing. Certain companies or industries have created a situation where the level of temperatures have began rising and affecting the population. Also, some villagers who are not equally aware of what is happening are continuing in their habit of cutting down the trees around them without knowing that their actions are rather helping to increase weather temperature that is currently affecting the people adversely.
Leolin Noute, Petty Trader, Limbe

Weather Conditions Have Changed
It is quite noticeable that our weather conditions have changed. During rainy season, we experience more floods than ever before. It is happening all over the world. Then, during the dry season, the heat of the sun is unbearable. This year, the dry season seems to be overstretching its duration. This is all because of global warming which has resulted from climate change.
Kimbi Melvis Lu-uh; Journalism Student at ASMAC 

The Yaounde Climate Has been Changing
I have been hearing a lot about climate change in the news these days but what I know is that the Yaounde climate has been changing. Sometimes the rainy season is longer and the dry season comes suddenly. I think the rain this year was heavier than the previous years. This time around the sun is so hot. This is all I know about climate change.
Loveline Kiyo; Businesswoman Yaounde

Cocoa, Maize Production Have Dropped
As an as agronomist, climate change is simply a change in the normal tendency in which the climate manifests itself, and it has repercussions on both the living and the non living environment. It also has an effect on agricultural production and productivity. Even though our farmers are not quite aware of the incidence of climate change, they are really feeling the pinch of this change.

For instance, cocoa production this year has dropped. If you go round the cocoa producing basins like Muyuka, the Western Bakossi area, Manyu and Meme Divisions, you will realise that the farmers are crying because of this climate change which has negatively affected production. Maize yields too have drastically reduced and this will have an effect on global food production.
James Enang, Deputy Regional Delegate for Agriculture, Buea

Climate Change Has Impacted Society Negatively
Climate change, I want to believe, has had a lot of negative impact on society in that it has damaged our soil, leading to poor harvest. It has also led to lots of health hazards because people are suffering from different illnesses today. Government has to seek solutions to combat these negative aspects of climate change, some which are caused by man. 
Gilbert Teneng – Bamenda

Significant Changes In Weather Conditions
Climate change entails the changes we encounter about the weather conditions in relation to our living conditions in recent times. In other words, there have been some significant changes in the statistical distribution of weather conditions with the world comparatively getting hotter than before, or what has been referred to as ‘global warming’.

This global warming has come with its own effects; desertification, water shortages, sicknesses and low crop yield amongst others. Even though we talk about global warming, I believe that individual nations can still keep their environment healthy and wealthy by being environmentally conscious. Let’s continue to plant more trees, avoid bush fires, reduce carbon and gas emissions. 
Louis Ngwengi; Communication Specialist

Caused A Lot Of Damage
Climate change, I believe, is change in our climatic conditions which entails global warming. I think it has caused a lot of damage in our society because, today, we have more than two seasons in a year. During those seasons there is either very heavy rainfall or harsh sunshine. All these go to destroy our crops, thereby leading to famine.
John Ndifor – Bamenda

Mankind Has Abused Nature
Climate change is a change in climate. The change today is global warming. This warming results from the way that man has been using nature. Mankind has abused nature in every way; extensive deforestation, mining, huge industrialisation and pollution of the air and water. These things are causing climatic change, which is resulting in global warming. Humans and animals are suffering the effect of global warming. Because climate change is a global problem, it requires a global solution. That is why the Copenhagen Conference is vital. I think it is imperative for measures to be put in place to mitigate global warming.
Augustine Meh Zang; Green Global Communication Centre, Yaounde
Places Are Becoming Hotter

Well, I know very little about climate change. But I know that while the climate has changed population has increased tremendously and I believe that it is the reason why places are becoming far hotter than in the past. The rainy seasons these days are not taking long as they used to. We experience rain for more than what it used to be in the past. When I arrived in Buea in 1982, it was too cold. At the time, we used heaters to dry our dresses, but now it is not the case. The rainy season is very short and places are becoming hotter than ever.
Annette Mbong, Finance Department, Buea

Climate Change Is Global Warming
From my perspective, climate change is global warming. The dense forest that protects the rays of the sun from directly heating the earth is now being destroyed. As a result, the earth is now receiving a lot of direct heat from the sun. With this contact, heat is increasing and water is drying up. There is a fall in the volume of water in some rivers, lakes and seas. The issue in relation to industrial emissions is complex. There is the need to cut down green house gases but we need production to live.

The forest plays an important role in reducing these emissions. Thus, there is the necessity to preserve the forest. Because of Africa’s vulnerability which makes her difficult to adapt and the fact that she needs to preserve her forest to absorb green house emissions, it is important for the developed world who contribute greatly to global warming to compensate developing countries if Copenhagen is to bring a meaningful effect.
Lawrence Nkwain; Businessman, Yaounde

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