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What Should Be Done To Avert The Egyptian-type Uprising In Cameroon? 

Compiled By Yerima Kini Nsom, Chris Mbunwe, Elvis Tah, Francis Tim Mbom & Elizabeth Enanga Mokake (ASMAC Student On Internship)

Cameroon and nations like Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen and the other Arab States are facing almost the same kind of problems. But the peoples’ approach to the problems is completely different. Egyptians and the others went out for legitimate concerns like high cost of living, manipulation by the regimes to stay on endlessly in power and unemployment of the youth, which stand exceptionally very high.

But to avoid this, I think that the Head of State should not stand for any kind of elections. This is because in 2008 the Constitution was changed with the intention of enabling Biya to stay on in power. This was manipulated and people are very conscious of this and it can be a major cause of unrest in the next elections even after.  
Francis Anu, Political Analyst, Consultant, Limbe

Government Should Check Price Hike Of Basic Goods
Let the authorities that be check this price hike of basic goods in the market because every hour prices of basic commodities are shooting up and nothing concrete is being done. Secondly, the Government should create jobs to solve this problem of acute unemployment. The level of unemployment in Cameroon is too high.
Collins Anyi, Journalist, Bamenda

There Is Democracy In Cameroon
The situation in Egypt, as in Algeria, is a situation which is becoming very peculiar in Africa. The Jordan King, Abdullah II bin al-Hussein, avoided that same situation by reshuffling his cabinet after realising that the Government in place was not delivering. By so doing, he already avoided the situation, reasons why there has been no uprising in Jordan.

We too in Cameroon can avoid a similar situation. The Head of State, Paul Biya has realised so many things that he did not foresee or believe that they were happening in the country. He has started doing some overhauling and if he continues in this manner, getting closer to the people and knowing their problems he can avert the Egyptian-type situation.

The President’s overdue term of office has nothing to do with that because, according to the Cameroon Constitution, the President has a seven-year mandate renewable, unlike in Egypt where the President’s mandate is unlimited. Our President will be having his last mandate this year so it is only the people of Cameroon, through the ballot box who can unseat him and if they overwhelmingly vote the President again for another mandate, there is nothing anybody can do about it.
 Andrew Njoh Eteki, Politician, Buea

Biya Should Step Down
The President should step down and give way for the younger generation. He has been there for more than 28 years. He should give way to some other person.
Alexander Ngalim, Yaounde

It Cannot Be Averted In Cameroon
Nothing can be done to avert it because it is a wave of change. People across the world are telling their rulers that have been in power for decades that they are tired of them and that they want change. It is not that these Presidents are bad per se, it is because the people need change; they need a new blood to be injected into the system so as to meet the needs of all the people.

One person ruling the country for decades cannot meet the needs and aspirations of everybody at that given period of time. The new generation will like to see another person that will come in with innovative ideas or somebody who can solve their problems, especially that of youth unemployment and upgrade their living standards. When the wave of change started in Tunisia, President Ben Ali saw that it was more than him so he abdicated.

Tunisia handed the baton to Egypt, they did theirs and succeeded and then handed it over to Algeria and to Yemen. As the wave of change is blowing, it is time to tell those sit-tight Presidents that their time is up. They cannot be in office as President, children are born, they grow up and have their own children and they are still in power. I mean, they become a nuisance to their country. So, people need change that is why it has to affect Cameroon. There is no way it can be prevented in Cameroon
Rosette Achu, Buea

Elections Should Be Transparent
If there are transparent elections in Cameroon, what happened in Egypt will not happen in Cameroon. Also, more industries should be created in order to reduce the problem of unemployment.
James Ngwa, Yaounde

The Judiciary Should Be Independent
The best thing to do to avert the Egyptian situation is to create strong institutions and empower these institutions to function smoothly. For instance, if the judiciary is independent, good laws will be implemented without fear or favour. Once there is justice, there will be peace every where. What happened in Egypt was because there was no justice.
Barrister Gideon Ngwayi, Bamenda

ELECAM, Election Registers Should Be Reconstituted
I would want to think that this is an election year and a very sensitive one. There is very little or nothing else that has to be done order than that the Government should start by reconstituting the Board of ELECAM by putting in people who are seen to be neutral by the public. Secondly, Government should cancel any form of registration that was transferred from MINADT to ELECAM, and start the reconstitution of a fresh voter registration aided by a computerised system that can help make the electoral process transparent.

This will ensure some credibility in the electoral system. The next thing is that Paul Biya, like any other normal civil servant who retires at 60, should not stand as a Presidential candidate in the 2011 Presidential Election. As a human being, he is tired. He is not just supposed to go on retirement but he really needs rest after 28 years in office.
Barrister Stella Fominyam, Limbe

Biya Should Stop Corruption And Create More Jobs
Let President Biya and his men put an end to corruption and create more jobs for the youth. Creating jobs should be backed by prompt payment of salaries; else, creating jobs just to flatter people will only lead to strikes in the future.
Yakubo Isa, Bamenda

Cameroon Is Different From Egypt
Egypt is Egypt and Cameroon is Cameroon. Both countries have their own policies and if you look at it critically, the Egyptian President took over power through a coup but President Biya was through a constitutional handing over by his predecessor, Ahmadou Ahidjo, and since then, our President has been conspicuously voted to power through a democratic process.

Cameroon is a peaceful country, the citizens are law abiding and we love our country and our President very much. A situation like that of Egypt could have been possible if we had opposition parties in Cameroon but right now, all the opposition parties are dead so nothing like that can ever happen in Cameroon. One thing Cameroonians must understand is that Paul Biya is the only person who can rule this country very well.
Harry Lyonga Kombe, Technician, Buea

There Should Be Free & Fair Election
The uprising in Egypt was due to dictatorship. To avoid such situations from occurring in Cameroon, there must be free and fair elections. Every body should be given equal opportunity to vote in the forthcoming elections.
Lillian Nanji, Yaounde

It Cannot Happen In Cameroon
We need not worry ourselves about what happened in Egypt and Algeria because it cannot happen in Cameroon. Cameroonians are not Egyptians. Cameroon and Egypt have different constitutions and policies so the Egyptian policies and that of Cameroon can never be the same. The 2008 riots cannot be compared to that of Egypt. In 2008, Cameroonians did not take to the streets or to the Presidency, demanding the President to resign like what happened in Egypt.

Cameroonians cannot do that because in our Constitution, the President has a limited mandate of seven years. If at all some people want to protest, they should wait for the President’s mandate to elapse before they protest. But I think Cameroonians love their President so much so they can never protest against him. Those who were protesting in 2008 were those who had scores to settle with others; they took advantage and did what they did.
Hans Teke, Councillor, Buea Council

Biya Should Resign Early Enough
President Biya should simply resign early enough because there is nothing he can do about it. Asking for more than 25000 graduates to be recruited will not help him out. He has to resign because he has been there for long just like the Egyptian President who had been there for long and ended up resigning, which was exactly what the citizens of that country requested. Our President should also give space for other people, too, to steer the ship of this nation.
Irene Yuin, Yaounde

Grant Southern Cameroonians Independence 
If Biya wants peace to reign; he should allow Southern Cameroons to have their independence like it just happened with Southern Sudan. The marriage we had with La Republique has collapsed. If we were on our own, you couldn’t have asked me this question. He should adjust and right the wrongs he has committed for close to three decades in power.
Bobga Tamusang, Retired CRTV Technician

Presidents Should Not Rule For Life
In all the countries that the people are protesting against their President, we realise that the leaders have exceeded 30 years in power. Many educated youth are unemployed and there is corruption. These problems have to be looked into. All African countries should be democratised. We should also see into it that Presidents don’t rule for life. Leaders tend to loot State coffers when they stay for long in power. When you have two mandates, you won’t really have enough time to steal.
Bouba Bello, Yaounde

Biya Needs To Resign
I think Biya should resign in order to salvage Cameroon from the kind of crisis that happened in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries of late. He cannot pretend that there is anything else he can do other than handing over power to some one else after serving the nation for 28 years. So, I think the best option for him is to resign if we think we can avoid what has happened in Egypt from taking place in Cameroon.
Magidar Nyeke Djibril, Human Rights Activist, Limbe

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