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Why People Snore 

By Albert Mbaze Arrey*

You think it’s funny? I bet you won’t be sharing that opinion the morning after you spent the night trying to sleep next to someone who lets out a sound only rivaled by a lawnmower at the foot of your bed. Not everyone can live like that, ear plugs or not.

Snoring has destroyed many otherwise happy companies in society. Marriages have broken up over it, engagements have been called off and tenants kicked out of their apartments -no jokes- all because of that lawnmower brand noise that emits from some bedrooms, mostly at night. Imagine what it would be like to anticipate the comfort of your spouse while at work, only to return home to a helicopter hovering round your room all night.

You may ask yourself why some people snore and others don’t, why it is said that men snore louder than women, or whether or not temperature affects the incidence of snoring. Dr. Bitang, a medical doctor and practitioner at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex outlined a few causes which could be attributed to snoring, which include; obesity, congenial (hereditary) and nose bone malformation.

As to temperature, he said; "The only way that temperature can affect snoring is if cold temperatures cause you to have catarrh." He explained that catarrh blocks the upper respiratory track and causes one to emit that repugnant sound as the air forces its way through the little gaps.

When asked whether there exists any medical cure for snoring, Dr Bitang said only those with nose bone malformations can undergo surgery, and those with catarrh, cured with drugs, but the other causes such as sleeping position and obesity can only be watched by the people involved, if their snoring habits are to be stopped. Whatever be the case, the medic advised that it is important to check snoring habit before the individual hates himself in future.

The Post spoke to a few snorers and their experience was unanimous. Since they only snore in their slumber, it is hardly any disturbance to their unconscious minds. Their only regret is the castigation they get when they wake every morning, from those with whom they shared a bedroom the previous night. "It’s simply beyond my control," complains Etang Arrey.

"I can almost argue I don’t snore, but for the numerous complaints from my brothers every morning." Bertrand Bua, who shares a room with a snorer, told The Post that it is not an easy experience. "Many times I have had to stay awake all night, thinking, because I couldn’t sleep. But I don’t hold it against my roommate because he says ‘sorry’ every morning, aware of what I might have gone through the previous night."

However, medics have advised the public to be patient with snorers. "Help them watch their weight or caution them with a light tap to change their sleeping postures at night. It does not help to sit up and curse. You lose in that way. Snorers get all the sound sleep and you only end up with the sleepless nights," one of them advised.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship

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