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WICUDA-USA Convention: Unity Ushers New Era 

By a Special Correspondent

Buoyed by an urgent sense of history and a determination to step into a new era of optimism, the Wimbum community in the US defied doomsayers through an unprecedented show of cohesion at this year’s WICUDA-USA annual convention that held in Houston-Texas.

A united WICUDA-USA strides into sunny era

Downtown Houston was abuzz from July 1 to 3 as enthusiastic convention delegates of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA-USA), sat together in both solemn and light-hearted moments, not only to unanimously pledge greater commitment to more unity of purpose, but also to chart strategies of using the newfound harmony to make giant strides for development back home.

One of WICUDA-USA’s luminaries and host of the convention, Dr. Elias Bongmba, emphasised in his welcome remarks that the yardstick of success was going to be "devotion to the ideas that bring people together, a focus on those ideas and a search for solutions".

Speaker after speaker echoed similar sentiments, noting that it was time to bury the problems of the past and forge into the future with hope and confidence. "We are supposed to be role models so that those back at home can copy," said Fon Kennedy Nganjo, the royal voice at the convention, who made a clarion call for unity.

"We have to ask ourselves if what we are doing here in the United States is different from [the divisive politics of] those old politicians [back home] that some of us criticise…Let’s forget about those things that divide us and think more of those things that bring us together," he said.

HRH Fon Kennedy Nganjo: calls on wimbum in USA to "unite and be role models"

Then Secretary General, now Vice Chair, Oliver Tangiri, concurred with the royal call, observing that while there had been high and low points in the life of WICUDA-USA, the low points were "too insignificant to gather every year and remind the upcoming generation of what went wrong or who did what to who." Taking the insistent calls for unity a step further, WICUDA-USA Chair, Julius Ndzishangong, emphasised the need for vision and a determined spirit of development.

"Let that spirit spark up and guide us through as we engage in dialogue on issues aimed at enhancing socio-economic development of the Wimbum people," he urged. Linking togetherness with positive results, WICUDA Houston President, Odilia Bongmba, envisioned many more development projects in Wimbum land, resulting from the synergy that would flow from unity within WICUDA-USA.

"In solidarity, unity and love for our brothers and sisters back home, we have chosen to put together our little efforts to help them," she enthused. "Bearing in mind, as the common saying goes, ‘that one hand cannot tie a bundle’ we understand that we need this unity in order to succeed and accomplish more."

Delegates and guests at the convention turned words into action when they raised about 17,000 US dollars (approximately FCFA 8 million), for sorely needed development projects in their homeland. There were promises to raise more funds in the months and years ahead.

With new blood injected into the WICUDA-USA executive, following elections at the convention, the leadership of the association has promised not only to consolidate the new sense of cohesion, but also to take various initiatives to ensure development projects back home are realised to help the greatest number of people possible.

As delegates left Houston after the historic convention and as they looked forward to next year’s event slated for Dallas, the general feeling was that a new page had been turned and that WICUDA-USA will never be the same again.

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