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WICUDA-USA Raise FCFA 10 Million To Ship Home Medical Equipment 

 By a special correspondent

The Wimbum Cultural and Development Association in USA, WICUDA-USA, raised 20,000 US Dollars, (about FCFA 10 Million), at a convention in Washington DC, to ship medical equipment to Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division.

The convention, which ran from Friday, September 3 to Sunday, September 5,   brought together delegates from all over the US and Berlin-Germany.

Julius Ndzishangong: Incoming WICUDA-USA Chairperson

 Hon. SN Tamfu, guest speaker at the convention, praised wimbum sons and daughters in America for making the efforts to be together and called on them to support their schools back home with books and science equipment. He denounced the notions of clans in the wimbum land and invited the wimbum people to do all in developing their homeland.

One of the Fons of wimbum, HRH Fon Nganjo, who was  present at the convention, cautioned his subjects against stereotypes that encumber developmental efforts.

A joyous WICUDA-USA crowd pose for photographs with Fon Nganjo(Center)

For his part, ace journalist, Adamu Musa, told his kinsmen that wimbum is one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa and by dint of that fact; they can achieve a lot more if they work in unison.

Earlier on, the outgoing WICUDA-USA President, Ivo Ngala, in his welcome address, thanked all and sundry for braving the odds to be part of the convention.
“To HRH Fon Nganjo, I wish to say that we are so proud of you because your presence has always made a big difference. As a matter of fact, it is an open secret that a very significant part of our success had to do with your ability to mobilise and galvanise people around you for a common and good course.” Ngala Said.

During the session, the Fon recognised and conferred titles to some members who had distinguished themselves in the organisation like Ivo Ngala and Dr Godwin Gwei, who got the Ta Nformi and Ta Tamfu  titles respectively.

Traditional Dance Galore
The WICUDA-USA convention was full of pomp and colour as the wimbum people in the US demonstrated an omnibus of traditional dance galore.  The “Mkung of Virginia” which had made its debut at the New York convention in 2008, made a ‘replay’ which was more refined.  The WICUDA-USA Scribe,  Oliver Tangiri, who travelled with “Mkung” to the  convention, promised to make it a big do at the next convention in Houston-Texas.

As the dance floor vibrated at the Saturday gala, the Oku Development Association members who had come to party with their sister organisation joined in the Njang.

"Mkung" puts up a show at the occassion.

At the Sunday event, Nostalgia could be seen and felt amongst the wimbum people when the Mfuh and Njang traditional dances took the stage.
One of the delegates from Berlin-Germany, Wilson Tansi brought out a bottle of vodka that he had just scored from a “make-shift” liquor auction, and raised it to the air.

 “I cannot fly back with this bottle to Germany”, Wilson announced, “So I am selling it to the highest bidder”. After several efforts by members like Edward Tamfu, Jackson Njoka and Elizabeth Tangie who raised the stakes as far up as $100, the German envoy regained possession of his Vodka by buying it back in cash, switching to American dollars after he ran out of Euros.
In an attempt to “clip the envoy’s wings,” another bidder raised the stakes to $200 and just before he began celebrating, the Fon walked from his thrown, surrendered a not-too-crispy one American dollar bill and grabbed the Vodka.

New Executive
In the build up to the WICUDA-USA convention, a new exco was elected to pilot the affairs of the association with Julius Ngwang Ndzishangong emerging as new President, taking over from Ivo Ngala who has been in office since 2006.
The incumbents; Victorine Gwei and Jackson Njoka were re-elected in their respective posts as Treasurer and Socio-cultural officer, while Eva Tabah was r-elected Assistant Secretary General. The posts of vice chair, General Secretary and PRO will be up for elections at the next convention in Houston.


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