Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Wimbum Photographers Survive Digital Switch Over 

By Lydie Yuri

Created in 2005, the Wimbum Photographers Association, WIMPA, has clocked 10, registering some successes by transforming the lives of their peers.
The association recently celebrated these successes amongst them, the digital switch over from analogue to digital cameras.

The President of WIMPA, GhariSuleNdi, said the 10 years of the association has not been a bed of roses, because before he was elected into office at a time when financial and managerial crisis was rocking the association, until the laboratory project of the association finally collapsed.
He however said withthe rigorous and stringent management strategies put in place, members are upbeat about the future of the association.

“I thanked God that despite the numerous storms and challenges, we have managed to sail through. Today, we stand tall and proud that our association has regained its momentum. Today we are trying to resurrect the laboratory project that collapsed a few years back,” GhariSuleNdi averred.

Hardly was the internal storm over, when the digital switch-over from analogue to digital hit the association and almost sent all of the Wimbum Photographers out of business. “Our association had to look for means and resources. We stood by our members in acquiring modern digital cameras, educated members on how to use the cameras, thus ensuring jobs security,” Ghari remarked.

The President of WIMPA appealed to the Northwest Regional Delegate of Communication, Louis Marie Beigne to ease the issuance of accreditation cards.
“Even though possessing these cards during official events, does not allow us to distribute photos at the grandstand during such events.Instead agents of brewery companies are allowed to sell drinks with ease.”

Acknowledging that WIMPA is the only organised photographers’ Association in the Northwest Region, one of the guest speakers at the event, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, hailed the photographers for solving unemployment problem as most of them now are married, sponsor children in schools and drive expensive cars.

The President of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association WICUDA-Bamenda , Chris Mbunwe, lauded the efforts of WIMPA towards development at home and in Bamenda.

“We have received enormous financial contributions from your association every time there is any fund raising for projects in Bamenda and back home. Keep it up,” Mbunwe noted.