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Woman Delivers After 2-Year Pregnancy 

A 30-year-old girl, Saturday August 6, delivered a baby boy weighing four kg, after 21 months of pregnancy.
Georgiana Kindzeka, who hails from Jakiri, Bui Division in the Northwest Region, had been barren for eight years.

Georgina holding her new baby“December 2014 was a joyous month for Elvis and I, when we learnt that I was pregnant after eight years of barrenness. But the euphoria soon turned to sadness when three echography results showed that there was no baby in my womb, although the symptoms of pregnancy were obvious,” Georgiana said.

The new mother said because of this mysterious pregnancy, her panic-stricken boyfriend started behaving in a funny way towards her. So, she decided to leave and rent a room at Shell Obili, in Yaounde.
According to Georgiana, when she explained to friends that doctors could not see the baby in her womb, some told her she was carrying a monster in her womb.

Others said it was the traditional gods ‘nwerong’ and ‘akeukwor’, snake, stone, masquerade, or even water. All these things, she said, got her even more worried. In February this year, when the pregnancy was 15 months, she went back to the hospital for the fourth echography.
This time around, the doctors saw a baby in her womb.

Georgiana said one of her sisters, Victorine, immediately took her to a pastor, Nchanji Therese, alias ‘Mummy’ of the Holy Ghost Zone Ministries, Damas in Yaounde.
“After few minutes of powerful prophetic and declarative prayers from the pastor, the yoke of undue pregnancy upon my life was instantly broken,” said Georgiana.

From that moment she said peace returned upon her as her baby started kicking again after the prayers.
Georgiana said Pastor Nchanji referred her to the Saint Annick Clinic in Chapelle Obili for ante-natal follow-up.

The D-Day finally came on August 6, when, at about 3 pm, Georgiana felt a sharp pain around her abdomen, and she rushed to the clinic for consultation, not knowing that it was labour hour.

Within a short period, she said she was being delivered of her baby like a ‘Hebrew’ woman.
The first thing Georgiana said she did, was to send her hand to feel if it was actually a baby that came out or the snake, stone, masquerade, or yam that people had predicted.

“I was overwhelmed and overjoyed when Mah Eveline, the midwife, shouted that it was a normal baby boy with all his faculties intact. My baby is indeed my august guest in this month of August. Now I believe that, the devil can only delay one’s destiny but he cannot deny it,” she concluded.
“I have decided to name the baby, Miracle Wirsanyuy, which in Lamnso, my Mother tongue, meaning ‘God is the Supreme Judge’.”
Doubting Elvis

Georgiana said her cousin immediately phoned the baby’s father to inform him of the birth of his son, but Elvis did not show any interest.
She said the boy just said it is a miracle baby and by press time, he had not passed to check on the baby.

Georgiana said since she delivered, people have been taking turns in her room; “some courageous ones come in to touch the baby, while others stand far off to spy.”
She, however, said that the courage and faith to continue with the pregnancy came from the experience of a certain woman, Mami Juvette.
She said she knew the woman back in Jakiri.

According to Georgiana, the woman was pregnant for 20 months and finally gave birth to a baby boy.
Georgiana said to her greatest dismay, everyone to whom she went for help turned her down. She thus resorted to selling garri at the Mendong market in order to survive.
She said people who knew her in the market, refused to buy her garri, for fear of being possessed by the so-called monster baby.

She added that as the delivery kept delaying, sympatisers from her village requested that she goes home for spiritual cleansing by a witchdoctor because they suspected that she might have been spiritually bound by her rival.
She said she refused to go, claiming that her hands were clean. And today, said she, ‘God has vindicated me’.

By Solange Tegwi (Siantou Journalism Student On Internship)