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Woman Wins Car In PMUC Sales Competition 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

A sales agent of the Pari Mutuel Urbain Camerounais, PMUC, Antoine Nkomo, is the lucky winner of a car, in a competition organised by the company for sales agents. Life will definitely never be the same again for Antoine Nkomo, one of the long serving and committed sales agents of the PMUC, whose sales point is located near Lycee Technique Koumassi, in Douala.

PMUC officials with winner

Miss Nkomo, a mother of four, has won a brand new Toyota Avanza, which PMUC put up as the first prize in a sales competition that the citizen-friendly enterprise, recently organised as a special motivation for its sale agents and some commercial staff across the country. Other handsome prizes included a number of high-power motorcycles and modern gigantic flat screen TV sets.

The competition, which started on February 16, 2010, had to do with the sale of PMUC products by the different sales agents, on each and every day. Points were awarded at the end of each day to the different sales agents who sold for at least FCFA 100.000. The first prize had to go to the sales agent to reach a total of 2 500 points. Miss Nkomo hit that mark on June 9 and, thus, brought the competition to an end. She told The Post in a chat that neither she nor any of her colleagues was surprised with her win, because all of them, on a daily basis, saw how the classification was progressing.   

Prize Awards

The colourful and heavily attended prize award ceremony for the laureates in the Littoral Region, took place at the PMUC Headquarters in Douala on June 17. It was witnessed, amongst others, by the General Manager and Board Chairman of PMUC, Jean Yves Tomi, accompanied by many of his close collaborators.

On this special day for sales agents of PMUC, the General Manager also invited former General Manager of PMUC, Andre Giacomoni, whom he also honoured by handing over the keys of the Toyota Avanza, to Miss Nkomo. It should be noted that Miss Nkomo was accompanied to the occasion by her father, as well as her children.

In a brief and highly emotional speech, Giacomoni joined the General Manager, Jean Yves Tomi, to fete the sales agents of PMUC, whom they described as the backbone of the company. Giacomoni remarked that the sales agents are the people who bring in money to the company, thus, they are highly instrumental in the growth of the company.

He said he was quite elated to see PMUC make this wonderful gesture to its sales agents, through the special competition which has greatly changed the lives of a number of sales agents. Just as the PMUC has changed the lives of so many Cameroonians by transforming many stakers into multi-millionaires, he noted, so also has the company never relented in its efforts to motivate and improve on the lives of its sales agents.

The Director of Sales at PMUC, Ernest Djamkeu, stated at the occasion that the special competition to motivate sales agents in a big way, was the sale agents` own ‘Banco’ (jackpot), that the company had organised. It was also disclosed at the occasion that each and every Friday, hardworking PMUC sales agents of the week across the country, get some motivation from the company in the form of bonuses.

Meanwhile, another PMUC sales agent in Douala, Jean Baptiste Tsaptie (sales point located at the area called New Bell cemetery) and a sales animator, Salifou Mfouapoh, each won a brand new motorcycle in the competition. Yet another sales agent, Suzy Hol Ngo, won a giant flat screen TV set like Benedi Kwetchoua, who is a commercial staff.

Pleasant Surprise

Giacomoni had a pleasant surprise to the over 200 sales agents who turned up at the ceremony in Douala, to celebrate with colleagues who won the special prizes. Giacomoni in reiterating that there is no looser in the PMUC family, announced on behalf of the Board of Directors of the company, a financial gesture which was disbursed immediately, to each and every sales agents of the company who was in attendance.   

It would be noted that, though there was one first prize (a vehicle) in the special competition, there were quite a number of motorcycles and TV sets to be won. There were some sales agents and commercial staff who won motorcycles and TV sets in other regions of the country. They are expected to receive their prizes in their regions. PMUC is said to have allocated some FCFA 40 million for the prizes in the special competition.

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