Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Women And Handbags 

By Carine Bongadu

Recently, I was chatting with a neighbour outside my house on a Friday morning. I was holding a big handbag because I had a lot of stuff I needed to take with me to work that day. As I was leaving, my neighbour said jokingly, "Enjoy you weekend away from us." "What?" I asked, confused.

"Your bag," he replied, pointing at the bulging bag I was carrying. "It looks like you are going somewhere to be back only on Monday." I laughed along with him and walked away. Then I started to think about handbags and how big their designers seemed to be making them these days. I also thought that women never lacked stuff to fill the bags no matter how big they made them.

Handbags are a very important fashion accessory for women. A very fashion conscious woman will have a handbag for every shoe on her shoe stand. You may find that the average woman owns about ten handbags. That in no way means she will not ogle the next exquisite handbag that crosses her path. I have eight – three brown, one black, one red, two blue, one pink. I actually promised myself not to buy anymore handbags – that is, after I find a purple one to go with the purple shoe I need for that dress…

Few men understand why women have to hold handbags all the time. For most men, girlfriends who visit with huge, bulging handbags are to be feared because they seem to be saying out loud, I will stay the night. Mostly, it is the case and the handbag will be carrying several personal items ranging from a toothbrush and fresh panties to deodorants, nail polish and a sexy number (night gown) for the night.

The bigger the bag, the more items she will deem totally impossible to part with. There are actually some wild lassies that walk around with emergency panties and toothbrushes in their bags because, you never know; they may make an unscheduled sleepover at a guys place.

So, aside from the emergency panties and toothbrush, what else will you find if you sort through a woman’s not-always-gigantic handbag? Let me sort through mine right now. Hmmm…a pencil case, paper towels, a mirror, a blade ( no, I am not planning to cut anyone), hand sanitizer, lipstick, a comb, hand moisturiser, a cell phone, a notebook, a purse for money, debit cards and all of such…oh, and some chewing gum. Definitely, no toothbrush and fresh panties – but then again, today is not Friday.

Why do we walk around with all these things? You know, females of most species always have a way to attract males – it may be a chemical reaction that produces some odour that draws males closer or, as in the case of humans, physical presentation. So, a woman will walk around with a comb, makeup, mirror, hand moisturiser etc, because she wants to be attractive all the time.

Besides, we are all brought up to know that we have to hold fashionable handbags if we are to complete our looks. When I was younger and I still lived with my parents, my mother would always say, "you are not going out with me if you don’t have a handbag." So we all grow up knowing that we need to have handbags to look "en vogue" and when the handbags are designed bigger and bigger (as they have for the last few years) we will always find very ‘important’ items to put inside.

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