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Women-Centred Violence: Anatomy Of 2009 Theme 

Good health has often been described as the totality of both physical and mental wellbeing. It is on the strength of the same logic that violence is viewed not only from the physical, but also from the psychological perspective. Physical violence is more often perpetrated by the male species because Nature has imbued them with greater physical energy than females.

In compensation, women have been armed with the deadly weapon called the tongue. Tongue lashing is, however, a less deadly weapon than physical thrashing because it occasions no deaths. This possibly explains why women need more protection against violence than men. 
Those who chose the 2009 Women’s Day theme were obviously inspired by this argument. The theme of the celebration is "Men and Women United Against Violence on Women and the Girl Child". When we consider the rate of violence, sexual violence in particular, in today’s world, the theme is justified.

This is particularly the case with war-torn countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, where rebel groups and even peace keepers quench their libido on women. Even in peaceful or seemingly serene nations like Cameroon, sexual violence is not unusual. Denizens of towns like Yaounde, Douala and Bamenda are familiar with stories of armed robbers who think their operation would be incomplete if rape is not part of it. The home is fast becoming the arena for the most violent gladiatorial shows where the husband and wife are the actor and actress and children the spectators.

This situation has been aggravated by the worsening economic situation. Whereas love was formerly described as blind and the binding force of the matrimonial union, the reverse is the case today. Love has eyes to see not only PRADO cars, but also landed estates and bank accounts.  As the lust for the materialistic increases with each passing day, infidelity is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Housewives compete with female students and street walkers for the purse of the well-to-do, and what is adultery to the devout Christian is gallantry according to the Casanova. To say somebody is "as free as a married woman" might have been mischievous ten years back.

Happy Female Victims

One of the errors liberators make is that they think everybody is contented with being free. William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln, two men united by humanism, thought the slaves freed by the Edict of Emancipation in 1861 would jump for joy. They certainly didn’t expect the same freed slaves to return to their masters for food and shelter. Feminists make the same error by always expecting appreciation from women they are out to liberate.

Most women, even the rich, feel socially insecure without men as umbrellas. This can be illustrated by the fact that women scramble for marriage even when, from all indications, they are the losers in the union. That is why the usual lament of a widow when tormented physically or psychologically by another man is; "If my husband were alive you wouldn’t do this to me". And, this utterance may come from the same woman who lived a life of turbulence with the "cherished" late husband.

Domestic Love War

This is a kind of war which often begins in the parlour and ends in the bedroom. Those who don’t understand this would make the same error as a foolish neighbour who intervened to liberate a woman from her enraged husband who had turned her into a punching bag. The moment she was free, she then came to rescue the husband who was still boxing with her liberator. Both of them nearly killed the "Good Samaritan". Love war is common in the Centre Region where men demonstrate love by beating their spouses at regular intervals. The woman usually provokes it and is often satisfied with its results as the "war" is happily concluded by a more delightful love bout than that was preceded by pleasantries.

Quite often, when a woman is heard shouting "You must kill me today", a neighbour or passer-by erroneously thinks she is being trampled upon, by a beast of a man. His surprise is always great when on arrival he sees the man struggling to liberate himself from the grip of an enraged and raving woman. While it must be admitted that women are usually the cause of increased adrenalin, bashing can never bee justified by any law, whether human or divine. The satires of Juvenal, a Roman Writer who had contempt for women, are entirely out of tune in today’s world. 

One commendable thing about women is that most of them are contented to let men do the thinking for them so as to avoid the inconvenience of thinking for themselves. Those bold enough to venture in an area formerly reserved for men are more commendable. As things stand today, the woman is the future of the man if not the man of the future. Human rights zealots should therefore be more cautious in their pursuit of feminine rights. Not every woman who says "No" means it.

There is a distinction, which only the experienced eye can see, between a victim of sexual violence and a woman who is only being hypocritical and who finally yields to the man "with sweet, reluctant, amorous delay". In pursuit of woman’s total emancipation, let us, in the words of a British politician "make haste, but make haste slowly."

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