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Women Lack Information On Sexual Health, Rights 

By Leocadia Bongben

CameroonPostline.com — The Society of Women and AIDS in Africa, SWAA Cameroon Trainer, Mary Endalle, has said women are ignorant and lack access to information on sexual health, rights and gender.

Endalle said reaching out to women with information empowers them to be in control of their sexual health and their rights. In this vein, Martine Fotso, an animator with SWAA Cameroon spent an evening every week at the Jean Vespa neighbourhood in Yaounde, to teach a group of about 20 women on issues like pregnancy and abortion. After the discussion, Mireille Kemajou, a participant hailed the training.

“I have learnt a lot about AIDS and the genital organ of the woman, and I will use the information to teach other women to know their rights and duties and how to live in their families,” she said.
The objective of the group discussions, The Post learnt, was to beef up the capacity of women to care for their health and to let them know that they do not only have duties as women but also rights – to knowledge and good health, Suzanne Ngnie, SWAA Cameroon Trainer, said.

We teach women to dialogue with their husbands and children and we encourage them to talk, given that the best education starts form the home. According to her, the programme started with a trainers’ training, and after that the trainer also trained animators who constitute the groups from meetings and associations or from the neighbourhoods. The programme, “Sexual Health, Rights and Gender” is at its pilot phase is only in Yaounde and in Mfou, but would be extended to other areas.

French NGO, Movement Francais Four le Planning Familial, MFPF, has designed a programme on “Sexual Health, Rights and Gender in Cameroon, Madagascar and Burkina Faso”. The programme in Cameroon is being implemented by the Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare, CAMNAFAW. CAMNAFAW works in the field with ten other NGOs among them, Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, SWAA Cameroon, to help women know more about their sexual health and rights.

First published in The Post print edition no 01454

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