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World Bank Showcases Cameroon’s Diversity In Arts Exhibition 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The World Bank Office in Yaounde has presented Cameroon’s socio-cultural and geo-ethnic diversity in its annual arts exhibition.
The exhibition took place at the institution’s office at the Bastos neighbourhood in Yaounde on June 3. It brought together government officials, Members of the diplomatic community and civil society leaders among others.

Participants at the occasion savoured some of the finest works of art in the exhibition that covers a wide gamut of elements, including design, sculpture, painting and photography. Going by the World Bank Country Director, Elizabeth Huybens, each piece of the works of arts displayed on the walls of the main hall of the institution is an invitation to travel and discover the richness of Cameroon’s landscapes, cities, culture and people.

“The immensity of Cameroon’s art cannot be represented in one edition, but we have selected some of the country’s most talented artists and asked them to share their works and passion with us. Whenever you visit the World Bank Office in Yaounde over the next year, you will have an opportunity to explore this talents, a testimony to Cameroon’s creativity and innovative spirit,” the official told people at the exhibition.

The exhibition which was in its sixth edition was realised with works from talented artists like: Bernard Ajarb, Wanko Cubart, Jean Emati, Nicolas Eyidi, Koko Komegne, Abdias Ngateu, Carole Nkolo, Marc Padeu, Barthelemew Toguo and Jules Wokam.

The World Bank’s Art Programme, Art curator and Head of programme, Marina Galvani, expressed gratitude to the artists for using their talents to portray the beauty of Cameroon in all ramifications.

To him, the exhibition marks the preservation of one’s cultural heritage to the preservation and celebration of the human and natural environment; parts of the paintings were portraits of some Cameroonian celebrities that have moved and slacken their country in one way or the other.

They include musicians like Manu Dibango, Talla Andre Marie, among others. Eto’o Fils features prominently in the paintings as Cameroon’s foremost football icon. Other figures painted are politicians, writers, civil society figures and statesmen.

One of the paintings portrays a huge picture as to what Douala will look like in the next 50 years. The image cuts the picture and the beauty of a town like New York in the U.S with sky-scrappers, well painted streets and quality taxis.

On the other side of the whole a picture of the ecological zones of Cameroon, the Northern Regions and life of the coastal area of the country. Present among those who attended the occasion are; Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, and the French Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E Christine Robichon.

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