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WWF Runs Race Of Hope For Nature 

By Bouddih Adams
The World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, carried out activities during the Guinness Mount Cameroon Race of Hope 2015 as part of its sensitisation and mobilisation campaign to protect nature.
Besides the exhibition of all sorts of sensitisation paraphernalia that propagate the protection of nature, WWF mobilised youths who marched along side participants and other stakeholders of the Mountain Race.

WWF Communication Officers, Fidelis Pegue Manga and Abel Kome Epule told The Post why the organisation was part of the event: “Mount Cameroon was declared a National Park in 2009 by the Government, thereby giving it a certain degree of protection. WWF believes the Park is a landmark that harbours the most iconic animals and wildlife species such as elephants, chimps, duikers and plenty of plant species.

“The Mount Cameroon Race provides an outstanding opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of the Park. Thousands of people troop to Buea for this event, so, this is the right moment to pass the message. We also wish to draw public attention to the mountain fire. It is an age-old practice that should be done away with for the mountain ecosystem to be kept intact,” Pegue said.

Told that there was still mountain fire this year a couple of weeks to the countdown the Mountain Race, Pegue responded: “The Mountain does not need man-made fire, for it can spit out its own natural fire whenever it wants.”

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