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Yaounde-Douala Intercity Train Transports 2000 People Daily 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The Yaounde-Douala intercity train that went operational on Monday, May 5, transports close to 2000 people daily between Cameroon’s two biggest metropolitan areas.Two trains leave Douala daily, according to officials of the National Railway Corporation, CAMRAIL. Two other trains also leave Yaounde on a daily basis.  Each of the trains carries 480 passengers. This means that the intercity trains carry at least 1820 passengers a day.Passengers in the first class pay FCFA 9,000 and FCFA 6,000 for second class. It is hoped that the intercity project will rescue regular travellers who have been living the chaotic road transport between Yaounde and Douala that is characterised by heavy traffic congestion. While inaugurating the intercity train project, the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, lauded the French-owned Bollore Africa Logistics that run CAMRAIIL for ameliorating railway transport in Cameroon.Speaking at the inauguration ceremony at the Yaounde railway station on May 2, Yang said the return of the intercity train fits nearly into Cameroon’s great accomplishments in railway transport. He said Government had elaborated an ambitious railway transport development plan that costs over 15.000 billion. He mentioned the repair of the 175km railway stretch between Batchenga and Nkia as part of the plan.The Prime Minister said the Plan aims at constructing a modern railway network of international standards that will not only link up the national triangle but also some neighbouring countries.To him, President Paul Biya of Cameroon and President Idriss Derby of Chad were just too eager to see such a dream come true. The Prime Minister, who was accompanied by members of Government, lauded the Bollore group for helping Cameroon to realise it dreams in the railway transport sector since 15 years ago.For his part, the representative of the Bollore group, Dominique Laffont, saluted the public- private partnership between the Government and his group.He described the intercity train as a rapid, safe and comfortable means of transport. To him, such a project would not have seen the light of the day without frank collaboration between CAMRAIL and the state of Cameroon.

The intercity train, he went on, takes three hours 40 minutes to reach Douala from Yaounde and vice versa. He said the first class section is air-conditioned with very comfortable seats.After launching the intercity train, the Prime Minister proceeded to the Yaounde University I, where he inaugurated the electronic bus line, known as the blue bus; also a project of the Bollore Group.The buses that are clean and comfortable will enable students and lecturers to move from one part of the campus to the other without stress. The Bollore Group bankrolled the project with a circa FCFA 1.4 billion. The blue bus will be on at campus from 7am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.


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