Friday, October 30, 2020
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Young Girls Tutored On Menstrual Hygiene 

young girls recieving lectures of the proper use of patsAfrican Woman Education Partnership, AWEDP, USA Forum has trained some female youngsters in the Southwest and Northwest Regions on menstrual hygiene.

Accompanied by Angadkaur of Yoga Without Borders, AWEDP USA CEO, Veronica Kette, gave educative talks to young girls about their menstrual health and hygiene to enable them raise their self-esteem, and to lay down the foundation for girl to girl mentoring and leadership programmes.

On March 11, 2016, the duo visited the Presbyterian Church in Great Soppo, Buea, and left the youths feeling empowered as young women; knowing how to properly manage their menses and to proclaim it enthusiastically with the slogan: “I am, I am, I am”.

They also urged the girls to have a positive feeling about menstruation so as to treat it as a normal occurrence and a sign of a woman’s health.
As such, they were given re-usable menstrual pads and underwear, followed with demonstrations on how to use and care for them

In 2015, Yoga Without Borders sent 1000 pads and hygienic supplies though AWEDP forum for young women in both the Southwest and Northwest Regions.

Both organisations believe that young women could be empowered to make their own choices through health education. They have been able to distribute menstrual pads to girls in rural areas and schools.

By Glory Nkwain(UB Journalism Student)young girls recieving lectures of the proper use of pats