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Youths Face Climate Change Risks More – CAMYOSFOP 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Cameroon Youths and Students Forum for Peace, CAMYOSFOP, has stated that youths need to be more involved in climate change discussions, policies and actions because they are those who stand to suffer more from its effects.

"Climate change affects the young people more than older people because the young are the future generations; they are the leaders of tomorrow and need the resources exposed to global warming today, to sustain their economies of tomorrow," CAMYOSFOP President, Eugene Ngalim said.

He was speaking in Limbe on January 21, during a one-day workshop organised by CAMYOSFOP to encourage some 20 young persons drawn from the Northwest and Southwest Regions to become more involved in the fight to minimise the effects of global warming.
"If youths come together, they could be able to influence the debates and the policies aimed at reversing the climate change trend," he said.

He remarked that the Limbe gathering was prompted by the fact that most of the youths are not always involved when debates, policies and decisions and action on climate change are taken. "Those who are here will start reflecting on the kind of network that they want to put in place…how they want to see young people participate in climate change issues at the national, regional and international levels.

Drawing inspiration from the Ebolowa Agric Show, Ngalim said the young needed to be engaged in the kind of policies taken on the management of Cameroon’s forests and agriculture as a whole. "We are aware of the timber that is being cut everyday; we are aware of what is happening with our harvests today in the farms; we are aware of the destruction of biodiversity, all of these are contributing to a negative change in the climate," Ngalim stated.

"The forest remains the biggest solution to the fight against climate change" and "youths need to take a great interest in the fight to save the forest from depletion through reforestation moves," he maintained. One of the Resource Persons, Franklin Ewane, a Geography Teacher from CCAS Kumba, said that one of the reasons why the youths were reticent to join in the actions and debates is because they have failed to understand what the climate change polemics is all about.

"Climate change simply refers to the abnormal variations in climate cycles owing to the unprecedented levels of the accumulation of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere," he said. These gases, he said, are the resultant by-products from human activities in the industries, cars and other machines used daily on our roads and elsewhere.

"These are the gases that cause global warming; they accumulate in the atmosphere and cause the reheating of our environment producing negative consequences like floods, rain storms, landslides and rise in water and sea levels," he said.

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