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Youths Urge To Take Their Role In Society Seriously 

By Basil K Mbuye

Youths have been challenged to take their role in society seriously during a seminar that took place in Buea on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Talking to the youths under the topic Leadership and Democracy Series with the theme: “Youth engagement in promoting good governance through dialogue and active participation”, the youths were challenged to be bold in making decisions that will help develop their nation and communities.

While the youth should ideally be taught that actions speak louder than words, ground realities in Cameroon are divergent in terms of instilling civic responsibility in the upcoming generation.

Considering this uphill negative trend, experts at a seminar organised at the Borstal Institute in Buea enlightened youths about upcoming challenges and role of youth in acknowledging their roles as responsible, democratic citizens.

In his keynote address, Prof. Teke Charles talked about the engagement of youth leaders in good governance through dialogue and active participation. He also focused on what the youths have to do to be actively engaged in bringing out the principles of good governance.

Looking at it from a holistic perspective, he evaluates the strength and weaknesses of youth leaders and governmental organisations and structures that all militate for the good of the youths.

To the organiser of the seminar, Etta Roland Daru/HGC-Initiative, Canvasssity Pan African Fellowship, the essence of the workshop was for him to pass over the knowledge acquired while at the Canvassity meeting in Nigeria.

“The Leadership and Democracy Series that we are witnessing here today is a Pass It On engagement I took as a delegate from the Canvasssity Pan African Democracy Fellowship I attended in Nigeria. We are here today to pass on the knowledge to Cameroonian youths,” he explained.

He also stressed the fact that they will be doing a follow-up to know how the various participants after the seminar are doing in their respective groups.

To him, with the present situation in Cameroon, educating the youths regarding how to make things better is one of their main objectives. With a pre-test and a post-test after the seminar, the organiser believes that it will help them know some of the positions that youths need to be coached on.

On her part, Prudence Limunga a participant at the seminar said the workshop had helped her to know so many things that she was never aware of. “I have learned a lot from this workshop. Workshops like this are not usually common to come across. It has reawakened so much in me and also pointed out that youths should know their purpose in life, for that is the only way they cannot go astray,” Limunga averred.

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